Netflix Heads Off The Deep End With Super Drags Cartoon
Super Drags

There’s an upcoming cartoon set to air on Netflix called Super Drags. The cartoon is themed around a group of men who have normal lives by day but dress up drag queens by night to fight crime. Yes, crime-fighting dragon queens.

The teaser trailer for the new cartoon was met with plenty of negative feedback from Netflix subscribers who were confused, befuddled, perplexed, and disconcerted, creating a milkshake of perturbed emotions.

The trailer was published over on the Netflix YouTube channel to prep subscribers for the upcoming show.

Quite naturally, a majority of the less Liberal-leaning audience were not on board with the kind of sociopolitical pandering that they could oh-so-clearly see through with Netflix’s new show.

The majority of the comments are people both displeased and abhorred at the idea of a cartoon about drag queens being super heroes.

It appears Netflix is doing more to wake up their audience than any anti-SJW pundit ever could. Supreme Leader of Aristalandia Georgi Malchov expressed enough disgust that he claimed he was simply going to cancel his subscription and come back once Super Drags gets cancelled…

“What the hell is this garbage? Just when I thought I could subscribe to Netflix after hearing about that Lost in Space reboot, this happens.


“Netflix has sunk to a new low. Why the hell would you glorify freakin’ DRAG QUEENS?! It’s already bad that Viacom airs RuPaul’s Drag Race on its VH1 network, but it’s outrageous that Netflix is now making an animated series about drag queens!” […]

The general gist of the responses is that a lot of people don’t seem too thrilled about super hero drag queens, especially in cartoon format.

What’s also odd is that the cartoon shows a lot of butt and “boob” jiggle, even though they’re men. It’s a confusing and mixed message from the current agenda pushers in the media – that men dressed as women can be sexualized but women can’t be sexualized.

Anyway, Netflix throws out shows like this every once in a while and it seems to create ample amounts of displeasure within their subscriber base.

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