Netflix’s Tau Is A 2018 Rip-Off Of 2001: A Space Odyssey And Dream House
Tau 2018 Movie

While Netflix may be parading around the idea that it offers its millions of subscribers lots of original content, the reality is that if its not peddling sociopolitical propaganda down its subscribers throats (i.e., Lost in Space) it’s clearly ripping off of other films in order to pad out its library, like with the upcoming sci-fi horror flick, Tau.

The movie stars It Follows leading lady Maika Monroe as Julia, a hot young chick who gets roped into testing out an AI house named Tau, which is overseen by Deadpool’s Ed Skrein.

Tau is voiced by none other than the incomparable Gary Oldman, and it centers around Julia having to follow the rules and orders of Tau in order to survive. She later meets up with some diversity captives and the trio attempt to escape from the killer house, but it appears they encounter some deadly consequences for their treason.

The film looks like a mish mash of bad ideas brought to life.

The killer AI, Tau, is obviously a poor man’s version of HAL-9000, while the concept of the AI controlling a house that can kill its victims comes right out of the 1998 UPN TV movie Dream House.

It was a terrible film about a killer AI that tried to control a family by locking them within the house. It wasn’t very popular and most people who didn’t lose an hour and a half watching the film didn’t lose anything, but the inspiration from Dream House for Tau is duly undeniable.

After the first half of Tau’s trailer sets up the premise of the film – that Julia is trapped in this advanced AI house that will harm her if she doesn’t do what it says – it then proceeds to show how Julia and the other diversity captives attempt to escape from the house while avoiding the unpleasant machinations of Ed Skrein. In a way I can’t help but feel as if the writers started pulling influences from classic horror films like Cube to flesh out the rest of the plot for Tau.

The only highlight of the trailer was the house using some sort of means to inflict some serious, bloody damage on the captives. We also get a hint of the house manifesting in some kind of physical form as an oblique looking mech.

Tau 2018 - Netflix

Tau is already catching some ire from some of the SJW media, likely because Maika Monroe has a tendency to show off a lot of skin in her movies, but sites like CNET are ragging on it for being like SAW. But that also doesn’t stop the film from looking derivative and trite, nonetheless.

You can look for Tau in theaters and on Netflix starting June 29th.


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