NieR: Automata Surpasses 3 Million Units Shipped And Digitally Downloaded Worldwide
NieR Automata Sales

Square Enix is reporting that NieR: Automata has managed yet another milestone over the course of the year, accumulating more than 3 million units that have shipped and have been digitally downloaded worldwide since launching in February, 2017.

Gematsu spotted the tweet from the NieR Japanese account, which let the world know that it had managed to surpass the 3 million milestone.

This covers physical shipments and digital downloads for the PlayStation 4, along with digital downloads for the Steam version on PC.

The game had originally surpassed the 2 million mark back in September of 2017.

It’s quite obvious that the combination of having solid gameplay (courtesy of Platinum Games) and a fantastically written story (courtesy of Yoko Taro) combined with that sweet, sweet waifu bait (courtesy of 2B’s bottom) easily made this one of the top-selling games of the eighth generation of gaming that wasn’t an AAA release.

Shortly after the game launched modders got to work right away on attempting to find ways to strip 2B down to her birthday suit. Others, meanwhile, put together some gnarly compilation videos highlighting the preciousness and value of 2B’s butt in her leotard thong.

For instance, the appropriately named YouTube outlet, CraveForYuri, has a great minute long video just showing how 2B’s butt goes from being wet… to being dry.

That kind of lubricious sub-culture surrounding NieR: Automata was an inevitability. From 2B’s walk to the Gothic lolita getup, to that indelibly stimulating thigh fat, Platinum Games and Square Enix had a waifu winner on their hands and it helped push an already good game into the stratosphere of greatness.

While the sales didn’t quite catch up to nor come close to eclipsing its arch rival, Horizon: Zero Dawn, at least NieR: Automata is still a force on the market to be reckoned with.

You can pick up a digital copy or a physical copy of NieR: Automata right now for PS4 or PC.


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