Objects In Space Guide: Getting Started And Making Money

505 Games and Flat Earth Games have released Objects in Space for PC via Steam Early Access and GOG. If you’re looking for a starter and money guide for the space strategy sim, hopefully, this basic guide will be of use.

This guide aims to help newcomers as quickly as possible in an efficient way. With that said, once you have a steady flow of cash coming in, you can then buy or do whatever. But firstly, and with all due respect, this guide was made possible thanks to Steam user Leonard McCoy.

Video Guide

The video below by Razors Edge should help you if you need a visual look at what Objects in Space has to offer UI and controle wise:

Get Maximum Cargo Space

First and foremost, if you haven’t played the tutorial of Objects in Space, you should start a new game with the tutorial enabled. Secondly, the following suggestions in this guide should be followed in chronological order after starting a new game.

This means you should complete the dialog segment with Leslie Garbut. Go to the Shipbroker Terminal and trade in your current ship for a Ceres Class ship. And later head to the Mechanixx Repair Terminal and click on “Pods” and buy eight of them. At this point upgrade each pod with “Temp” and “Shield” with your extra funds so that you can hold more cargo.

Get A Decent Jump Drive

Next up, at the Mechanixx Repair Terminal go to the main menu and go to “Modules,” and make sure “Sell Mode” isn’t turned on. From here check what kind of Jump Drives are for sale by searching for “Jump Drive” with a “range” of “medium.”

After buying a decent Jump Drive, go to the Commerce Link Terminal and click on “Loans” and take on as many as you can. This should equate to 7k or higher.

From here, go back to talk to Garbut who will give you your first trading contract. At the Commerce Link Terminal click on “Contracts” and accept as many contracts that take you in a single direction.


Make sure to check each station for new licenses to buy at the Commerce Link Terminal under “Licenses”. The more trading licenses you have, the more trading contracts on offer will pop up. Additionally, the farther the destination you have to deliver the goods the more profitable/dangerous the trade route will be.

Take as many contracts to a single trading outpost/star system as your cargo space allows. This is to maximize your profit while keeping the time spent traveling between stations low.

Furthermore, make sure to check the Commerce Link Terminal for any passengers to pick up/drop off at the next port.

From here, make sure to put in double the amount of time to get a good jump drive.

Get Your First Upgrades

Speaking of getting a good Jump Drive, make sure to get one ASAP. Now that you’ll be venturing into more dangerous spaces means the pay will be higher. However, you will need a better Battery — this allows you to stay in EmCon mode longer or to stay undetected. A good Sensor Suite — which detects potential threats ahead of time. And, lastly, a Solar Wing — that acts as a backup generator.

Illegal Contracts and Tips

Next up, you will need to take up well paying illegal contracts.

While doing shady business, make sure to switch off your IFF on your ship to avoid sending identification signals to everyone in the given area — marking you as a yellow question mark on anyone’s radar.

A tip to hold on to is after you’ve made a hyperjump make sure your IFF is switched off since it always turns on after each jump.

If authority ships scan your vessel and you don’t have your IFF on, you will be fined (a small amount). If you have no contraband on board, quickly switch on your IFF in order to avoid a fine.

In addition to the above, avoid authorities and always pay up your fines at the next station — though this shouldn’t harm you now given your nice sum of funds.

Lastly, stay hidden inside “blue nebulae” as often as you can to avoid being detected. However, avoid asteroid belts — since they can cause damage — as well as red or purple nebulae.

And that’s basically it to this guide. If you’ve followed the above, you should have a decent idea on how this game plays out. Objects in Space is out right now for PC via Steam Early Access and GOG.com.


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