Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator Uncensored Patch Available For Download
Panzermadels Tank Dating Simulator Patch

DEVGRU-P’s widely popular Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator made waves when it first launched back in 2016. The game later arrived on Nutaku a year later. Well, for those of you who purchased the censored version from Steam, there’s now an uncensored patch currently available for download, to turn your waifu panzer dating simulator, into an all out raunchy tank orgy.

You can download the uncensored patch from from the Google Drive page.

The uncensored H-patch clocks in at 734MB. It’s an exe file that replaces the standard censored version of the game. has instructions on how to install the patch.

  1. First download the Panzermadels.exe H-patch.
  2. Open up Steam, select Panzermadels from the library, right click and go into properties, click on local files and then click on “Browse Local Files”.
  3. Proceed to copy over the Panzermadels.exe file into the game’s main folder that you have open.
  4. If it asks you overwrite the file, click “Yes”.

Bam, you’re done.

This will enable you to finally bed those waifu tank girls and see them in all their uncensored glory.

Unlike some other companies out there, DEVGRU-P did not hide the uncensored patch in a text file or some rename scheme. You do actually have to grab the uncensored H-patch, which totals close to 1GB, so it’s definitely filled with a lot of hefty, lewd material. Nearly 1GB worth.

The game itself is about a fellow named Erwin Lemmor, who ends up being transferred to a prestigious military academy. He wants to specialize in studying armored warfare, specifically tanks. When Erwin gets there he finds out that all the tanks are actually Japanese school girls, and he’ll be able to date each and every one of them.

You can grab the full version of Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator right now from over on the Steam store for $9.99. If you want to spice things up, feel free to get your hands on the uncensored patch right now.


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