Pocket Fantasy, Uncensored Manga RPG Available For Free On Nutaku
Pocket Fantasy

Nutaku has added yet another new, adult-themed, uncensored game available for you to play called Pocket Fantasy. The 18+ manga RPG combines tactical strategy with an abundance of lewd artwork and busty beauties for you to pursue.

The game is based on players choosing their character based on the three elements of Earth, Fire or Air, and then attempting to summon other heroes to help aid them during battle after defeating them in combat.

As you grow stronger, you can acquire stronger characters, who in turn will join your ever-growing stable of hot battling beauties who can also provide you with some very eye-catching rewards.

Pocket Fantasy Poster

The main goal of the game is to grow your army and eventually take over the number one spot at the Champions Tower. You’ll have to explore the lusts and desires of your sexy teammates as you help train them to become the greatest warriors in the land.

Pocket Fantasy sports hundreds of different hot chicks you can collect, along with multi-team play that allows you to setup and team and even join a guild of other teams so that you and your friends can raid dungeons (and your all-girl teammates) together.

The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes, so it’s designed to be highly replayable.

It’s a fairly small game given that it’s also available for mobile devices, so it’ll only take up 79MB of your drive space. And you only need Windows XP and a 1.4ghz CPU with 1GB of RAM to play the game. So you can get in all your one-handed exercise on a potato PC.

While Steam seems to be undergoing the wrath of both the Intersectional Inquisition and the original OG Puritan Police, at least Nutaku seems to be holding fast and going strong as a true and thorough outlet in which to fulfill all your video game sexual desires.

If Pocket Fantasy is the kind of game that fits your fancy, you can grab a free copy of the game right now from the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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