Post-Modern Seraphim Are Coming to The PlayStation

Attempt to decipher Seraphim and you will, most likely, be met with terms akin to nebulous, cosmic, celestial and astral.

Ask its sole developer Studio Ravenheart to explain and he won’t be much help either, calling it a single-stick shooter that happens to be mapped across two sticks and rapid action/explosive shooter action all at once.

To be honest all of this seems like an ingenious ploy to restore interest in authentic arcade-style gameplay, and that’s precisely what Ravenheart claims to be doing – going so far as to infuse Seraphim with three-dimensional post-modern art and wacky music to boot.

The story apparently being that you’re one Seraph, a cosmic being of sorts contained within whom is an entire universe of planets. When his planets happen under attack from a species of otherworldly beings, the thing’s forced to rely on his six geometrically wings capable of some fancy comet shots.

That’s Seraphim’s SHMUP mechanic in a nutshell, centered upon a screen in defense against aliens from all corners. To this end you’re given control over a controller’s left/right sticks, at the flick of which in any/all directions are fired comets, while holding down the left/right triggers provides for special shots/shields respectively.

And here both Geist animations are linked. Checkout out that spectral shader. #ps4 #psvita #pstv #seraphim #indiegames #gamedev

Posted by Studio Ravenheart on Friday, March 3, 2017

If that sounds like something befitting the PlayStation 4, PS Vita or PS TV you’re right. Ravenheart further confirms that Seraphim’s shooting, special attack and navigational features are already touch-compatible, while he’d like for the entire game to eventually be playable on the Vita by touch only.

There is a full story mode with 24 levels too, but with players being able to continue stage game-play even after completing stage objectives in favor of high-scores, area of effect/environmental attacks to complement Seraph’s wings and an assortment of collectables that capitalize on the game’s bizarre art, Ravenheart’s hoping for ceaseless replayability.

No final release date as of yet given funding constraints, but progress may be followed on your choice of social media.


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