Rapture Rejects Was The Most Anti-SJW Trailer Of E3 2018
Rapture Rejects

While a bunch of game trailers throughout E3, so far, have been nothing more than lip-service to the Intersectional Inquisition, mundane copycat clones of existing games, or artsy games, Explosm Games and Galvanic Games’ Rapture Rejects feels like a real breath of fresh air from the politically correct games that have been announced so far.

The sardonic trailer that aired during the PC Games Show during this year’s E3 was near two minutes of pure mean-spirited delight. It’s the sort of game that recognizes that it doesn’t have to take itself seriously, and so it’s not.

The general gist is that the rapture takes place during the end times, and only certain people were selected to go to heaven. For the people who were rejected… well, they resort to do whatever the heck it is they want to do, however they want to do it. The animated trailer from Explosm Games perfectly encapsulates the irreverent and politically incorrect nature of Rapture Rejects.

The cinematic starts with a pious young fellow who prays to God every night. He begs for Armageddon to start so he can have a place in Heaven… only things don’t quite turn out as planned, and his drunken, foul roommate gets taken up in the rapture but not the devout man. This leads to the religious dude stripping off his clothes, getting drunk, and engaging in apocalyptic debauchery.

The actual gameplay is a run-and-gun, isometric shooter. It takes place across various environments littered with people who have partied themselves to death, been stripped practically naked, decapitated, and mutilated.

According to the Steam store page, Rapture Rejects is actually a Battle Royale game. The object is to kill every other human on Earth in order to force your way into Heaven.

The plot of the game is actually based on the Cyanide & Happiness web comics.

You’ll be able to customize your character, and fight it out against 99 other players attempting to fight and scavenge to survive the days after the rapture.

The end of the trailer is the real barn burner. The old man curses out his wife and knocks her off him down to her death while being brought up to Heaven in the rapture… but after killing his wife he’s then rejected. Despite the audience being lukewarm throughout the entire press conference, the segment of the old man tossing his wife down to her death got the biggest reaction from the audience as they laughed and cheered.

If there are segments of politically incorrect humor like that sprinkled throughout Rapture Rejects, tinyBuild and Galvanic Games just might have a real winner on their hands. The game is due out at some point in 2018.


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