Ready Or Not AMA Touches On PC Specs And Gameplay Mechanics

Void Interact held an AMA back on June 13th at 5:00 P.M. / GMT-4, which means the Q&A is over. The good news is that the Reddit page it was held on, although locked as of this moment, still contains a list of interesting Ready or Not answers straight from the devs.

Firstly, you can access the AMA Reddit page by heading on over to With that out of the way, one of the first fan questions wanted to know if there are scenarios where children can get hurt. Void Interactive replied, “Yes.”

The second question wanted to know about the next dev blog. Here’s the response:

“There won’t be another dev blog until the gameplay trailer comes out.”

Another user wanted to know if the devs at Void Interactive played Soldier of Fortune 2 and if there will be configuration options in Ready or Not, to which the dev replied:

“Yes! We have played SoF2 and love its gore system.


The amount of shell casings will be configurable in the options menu. Bodies and arrested suspects won’t disappear though, in current configurations.”

The next fan question wanted to know if there will be different bullet types or penetration. The following answer reads:

“Absolutely. Currently only two options (JHP and FMJ) but we’re looking at others too such as jacketed soft-point for the future. No RIP rounds though, apparently they’re trash.”

Another user wanted to know about riot shields and how they’ll work in Ready or Not:

“It’s a deployable item that you can purchase at the beginning of the mission. You can pick it up and drop it at will. Generally the shieldbearer is both a role that you kinda want to be, but you also kinda don’t want to be. You can definitely feel the weight of using it, but it’s very terrifying (and loud) when a bullet hits. As it should be.”

Another fan asked Void Interactive if the next Ready or Not trailer will feature gameplay footage, to which the dev replied, “yes.”

The next question centered on Unreal Engine 4 and how the devs are adjusting to it. Here’s the answer the querier received:

“While the core engine is vastly different, some stuff transfers over nicely. It was hard to get started but I’ve caught on pretty well.


Some stuff that’s different:


Blueprints. These are new to UE4 and are essentially the Unrealscript of UE2.


Native code. It existed in UE2 but I never used it.


The codebase. I have to learn about how Ready or Not’s codebase works, and it’s a fair bit different from SWAT4.


That doesn’t mean that working with SWAT4 hasn’t helped me though. In particular it gave me some ideas on how to pursue specific systems and patch up the shortcomings of Irrational’s code. There’s also some stuff which is identical in both engines:




The OOP focus


Config stuff


I can probably give a more detailed response when I’m not pressured to answer everyone’s questions, though. :)”

A concerned user who sports a low-end PC (1st gen i7 [Core i7-920], GTX 560Ti and 12 Go of RAM) wanted to know if is rig meets the minimum requirements for a framerate and resolution of 30-45fps at 1080p. Here’s the devs response:

“I was able to run the game on lower specs than that. You should be fine, if at Low.”

Another user chimed in and wanted to know more about the game’s low PC specs. The dev responded with:

“I ran the editor (not just the game, but the editor as well as the game) on an AMD Phenom and Radeon HD 6900 series video card, with a 1TB HDD and 16gb RAM. I had to run it on low settings, but for a 10 year old machine and some currently unoptimized assets, that’s not bad I suppose!


I’ve since dropped $1400 on a new machine.”

The next question on the AMA list revolves around death animations. Here’s the answer to the question:

“A lot of our animations are a mix of active (or “slightly rigid” is a better term) ragdoll and root motion. If you shoot a guy enough they’ll just go into ragdoll though, so it’s changed since that video with the suspect being shot in the throat with the Beretta.”

Another user wanted to know if a gas team or chemical weapons will be in the game, and yes they will be in Ready or Not:

“You’ll be able to use squad points to purchase a gas team who can pump CS into some rooms (similar to WACO, without the fiery death).”

Moreover, one question out of the hundreds wanted to know about visual effects and if weapon skins can weather. The response to that query lies below:

“Your weapons can become wet as you stand out in rain/stand in water, and eventually dry out. This won’t have any effect on gameplay, however.”

The next question wanted to know if all headshots will be fatal or cause certain rounds to ricochet, to which the dev answered:

“Some headshots will be survivable. But don’t expect to go head-to-head with a 7.62x54r and survive in Ready Or Not.”

The second to last question wanted to know about animals or German Shepherds and if they’ll be in Ready or Not. The answer to that question is, “yes.”

The last question and answer is a joke, but some people wanted to know if you can play as the following person:

Question: Will Kanye West be playable?


Answer: Ye.

Ready or Not will release on PC first, and if it does well enough, a console version will appear later. More info on this game can be found by paying a visit.


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