Ready Or Not Dev Confirms Modding, Beta, And SWAT Similarities

One of the developers from Void Interactive took up an interview with publication site NoFrag about the team’s upcoming game, Ready or Not. The tactical first-person shooter that caters toward a mature audience is dissected during the interview with NoFrag and touches on platforms, release date, a playable beta, and more.

If you don’t want to read the interview between publication site NoFrag and Void Interactive, you can listen to an abridged version of the interview thanks to YouTuber BigfryTV.

The following version of the interview on here is a trimmed down edition of the NoFrag interview, which means that not all of the questions and answers are reflected below. With that said, the first question wanted to know who is the team behind Ready or Not:

“While the team started with only three talented individuals and a dream of an intelligent tactical shooter, it has now grown to over a dozen. Void Interactive is an international team, incorporated in New Zealand, with members also in Australia, USA, Italy and Germany. The team have experience at different levels across other game titles, but we are all working to deliver RON and for it to be a masterpiece that stands on its own.”

The second question wanted to know if Void Interactive had to give up content because of time or resources:

“The team has grown to over 12, with some brilliant talent recently onboarded. So very little we are giving up – but we do need good pre-order sales to ensure we get everything to how we want it. The only things that may not be part of the first edition of the game are a female SWAT officer, a fully destructible world, and a battle royale mode.”

If you didn’t catch it, the female SWAT officer, a fully destructible world, and a battle royale mode is a silent jab at Battlefield V and other more modern shooters.

Thirdly, the dev of Void Interactive was asked how did the team decide to develop a new tactical shooter, since less and less are out there? The publication site wanted to know if nostalgia of SWAT helped:

“Yes, we have a level of nostalgia for SWAT – we also really enjoy slower paced more tactical games…where you need more than just a quick trigger finger.”

Ready or Not will have a solo campaign, but when the publication site asked the dev about maps at launch, he replied with the following:

“We do not want to release a number of levels or maps just yet…we are more comfortable saying we have the blueprints/designs for over 10 levels, and our goal is to deliver all these on original game release.”

When the site asked the dev about which type of game modes would be in the game, he replied:

“Single player, Co-op and PvP. Co-op is you and your friends playing against AI progressing through the single player story. Multiplayer is you and your friends playing against another group of real humans… At the moment we are planning for VIP escort, Barricaded Suspects, and bomb defusal mode. We are leaving the door open for other challenges based on fan feedback.”

The next question centers around mission briefing:

“Players will get a situation overview, briefing, known suspect/civilian bios, be able to select deployables, assign element colours, coordinate strikes with a map drawing, and choose personnel to help assist the players (such as snipers, floodlights, negotiators).”

The next question dabbles in what makes Ready or Not different from the SWAT games. Here’s what the dev had to say:

“Modern FPS features such as aiming down sights and deadzone. We also include a fluid, custom dynamic lean system and classic FPS throwbacks such as modular speed via the scroll wheel. We’ve also made leaps and bounds with our AI systems, ballistics, and weapon systems. Ready or Not also features a diverse array of situations, devices, and personnel to use on-missions.”

Speaking of AI behavior, the dev elaborated on it by saying:

“AI will flank, take completely dynamic cover, retreat, lean around corners, react to incoming rounds, be startled by SWAT if caught off-guard, have realistic perception (senses), may react irrationally, take hostages if, feign dropping weapons, and flee if not restrained.”

NoFrag also wanted to know if you can play the game non-lethal and received the following answer:

Yes…more points awarded for non-lethal completion.”

As for modders, Ready or Not will support their talent as confirmed when the publication site asked the developer and received the following answer:

“Yes, modding welcome…In fact, a legendary and very popular SWAT modder is on our team:)”

Taking a look over to Ready or Not’s release date, beta, pre-order window, and platforms, you can get the scoop on those right here:

“We are now planning to offer the game for pre-order in July and release the game in November. Some of the pre-order packs will have beta access. The game will first launch on PC, and depending on the success of the game, we may then port to console – PS4, Xbox or both…currently in discussion given the great demand we are seeing for a console version.”

The last question during the interview that NoFrag asked was what did Void Interactive (the dev) want to share with readers. Here’s a portion of what he had to say:

“Given the graphic nature of the game and the gritty realism it portrays, the game is for mature audiences, but can possibly be adapted to meet the needs of some of our more regulated target markets. We will also strongly recommend that people who have experienced personal traumatic events from criminal violence, hostage situations or terrorism refrain from playing. At its core, the game honours the work of dedicated law enforcement officers across the world and in no way intends on glorifying cowardly criminal acts.”

If you want to ask the devs of Void Interactive a question, the team will be running an AMA on their subreddit on Wednesday, June 13th, at 5 P.M. / GMT-4.


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