Reprisal Sees Frank Grillo And Bruce Willis Teaming Up For A Crime Thriller
Reprisal (2018) - Bruce Willis

While a lot of movies aimed at male audiences have been relegated to the backwoods of direct-to-DVD racks and streaming services that bury the good movies behind a bunch of hipster feel-good crap and Liberal propaganda, there are some hot gems that manage to bubble their way to the top and shine like a diamond in an African quarry. One such film that shows a lot of potential is the Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis team-up film, Reprisal.

The trailer is poorly put together and edited with the sort of amateurish touch one would expect from production outfits like Grindstone Entertainment and Kind Hearts Entertainment. However, the premise for the film hearkens back to the days of when men were allowed to be badass vigilantes before they were neutered of their masculinity or had their heroics relegated to spandex-clad super hero films or the diversity-driven Fast & Furious flicks.

Reprisal - Gunman

In this particular case we see Frank Grillo being on the receiving end of PTSD, and not the kind that SJWs receive from reading a mean tweet online. Grillo survives a bank heist committed by a very dangerous criminal armed to the teeth and decked out in full body armor. Unable to escape the nightmares associated with the heist, and having his life being turned upside down by an FBI investigation, Grillo decides to do something about his situation by obsessing over the gunman’s motives and attempting to track him down.

Things get a little more complex for Grillo when he ends up dragging a retired ex-cop played by Bruce Willis into his conundrum. Willis plays Grillo’s neighbor and attempts to help him work through the PTSD, but Grillo prefers if they just do things the old-school way and hunt down the gunman and dole out some justice like it was 1983 all over again.

Things ratchet it up for Grillo’s character when his obsession with the gunman results in the gunman deciding to turn his attention to Grillo and Willis. This results in both of their families being put at risk, and a showdown ensues where they face off, guns-a-blazin’.

Reprisal - Jonathan Schaech

It doesn’t look like it takes many twists or turns, but as a testosterone-laden action flick, I imagine this is the kind of film that will give gun lovers a bit of sated solace, and action film aficionados something to sink their entertainment-starved teeth into.

You can look for Reprisal to make a limited run at theaters starting August 31st, 2018 as well as appear on streaming services and DVD and Blu-ray shortly thereafter.


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