SCP Horror Fandom Gets Upended By SJW Politics
SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation, short for the Secure Contain Protect Foundation, is a fandom centered around user-created horror-fiction. The short-story database started back in 2007 as a off-shoot from 4chan that slowly developed into it’s own little corner on the internet. From there it eventually grew popular enough that modders created an entire game mode for it within Garry’s Mod and then it eventually became its own game.

Well, like many fandoms that have been infiltrated over the years, the SCP Foundation has apparently succumbed to the same kind of sociopolitical controversies spurred on by ideologues who have ruined so many other fandoms out there.

The news reached a head thanks to a video that has been circulated by Youtube spit-stirrer, Mister Metokur, or the artist formerly known as the Internet Aristocrat. The 21 minute long video goes through the dramatic history of how the SCP Foundation became usurped like some kind of backwoods internet kingdom, falling victim to Social Justice Warriors, tumblr users, and the far-Left Reddit crowd.

As noted in the video, things began to breakdown in the community back in 2015, when various entries – such as the one marked SCP-7143, resulted in some members of the SCP Foundation to become triggered. A forum thread saw a number of individuals break out into arguments about the entry being “gross”. When people began complaining about SJWs downvoting the short story, a moderator – who is no longer there – began reprimanding people for using the term “SJW”.

Moderation of discussions began shifting, and those who wrote certain stories deemed “toxic” or not “inclusive” enough were supposedly banned and removed from the site. Not too dissimilar to what happened in other communities like Anime News Network, which also prohibited users from using the term “SJW” or “Social Justice Warrior”.

Some users complained about these issues in a recent Reddit thread, where they noted that certain stories and users were being censored or rewritten to fit within the Leftist agenda being pushed by the SCP’s staff. Jacen77m2 wrote….

“I swear any time whether it is the left or right wing group comes into a community chaos starts. SCP was suppose to be neutral in everything and just a place to create interesting stories or laughs, but sadly it is starting to shift to one side of the spectrum.


“People getting banned for hacking or spamming in the community is understandable, but having a different opinion that doesn’t align with the status quo of the community that is a big no no. […]”

As pointed out in the video above, the staff at SCP Foundation have fully adopted the language and behaviorism of the Intersectional Inquisition, meaning that if you don’t adopt to their way of thinking you end up being ousted. This was later confirmed in a series of tweets on June 7th, 2018, when the official SCP Foundation Twitter account acknowledged that they banned and removed many of the original contributors and community members to the SCP Foundation for not being inclusive enough.

This really did anger a lot of the community, especially coming off a number of short stories flooding the SCP community almost themed entirely around SJW and LGBTQIA topics.

As pointed out from the 10 minute mark onward by Mister Metokur in the video above, average readers who complained about the change in tone of the site and its content had their threads locked or were banned.

After Metokur’s video was posted and the sub-reddit for SCP Foundation came under heavy criticism for censorship and the iconoclasm of the community’s origins, moderator Joreth wrote a post on June 18th, 2018 titled “On Recent Developments”, attempting to run damage control, claiming that the issues over the pride flag colors was just a small graphical change and that the community was not heading toward SJWism, writing…

“[…] I would also be a fool if I said nothing on the site changed – no. The site culture, the content, shifted dramatically. Even casual readers can tell you that there is a noticable shift between Series I, II, III, IV. Don’t worry, it’s not towards the dreaded SJW direction – no. This entirely unrelated reason people are upset is because we’ve effectively shifted from the more short concise roots towards more grand narratives. I don’t even know how many canons there are now, but it’s really taken advantage of the highly interwoven and grand nature of the website […]”

Joreth misrepresents the complaints from the users whose comments were shared in Mister Metokur’s videos, as well as the people on Twitter who criticized the community’s aim toward more Social Justice Warrior and LGBTQIA content.

When some users brought up the tweets indicating that the Twitter account acknowledged purging the old 4chan users, Joreth deflected by stating that a purge never occurred, and that they were never at war with Eurasia…

“The 4chan driven community was still here – obviously, people come and go, but the “great SJW purge of /x/ users” never happened. We have moderators that have been active since the 2008 days (even Dr. Gears pop up from time to time). The twitter usage of “purge” was, to put it lightly, terrible.


“No one is in charge of the story, that’s how the site survived for so long. “


“[…] The moderator in charge of the twitter account regrets misleading people with the usage of that word and would like to apologize.


“It was a change in the old ways – tighter grammar/spelling/etc, codified format, and more official tone. And the community was held to higher standards – most notably, Kondraki was banned for doxxing and stalking, which, really, is the only notable “old guard being banned”. Everyone else – Mann, Gears, Kain, etc. stayed throughout the years.”

While Joreth’s canard about the community changing may convince some newcomers that there’s no real controversy brewing beneath the veneer of mod posts and Reddit discussions, the actual community aren’t taking things lying down, as they simply want their creepy pasta SCP community back… like in the old days.

Even in Joreth’s own thread there are longtime members criticizing the mod team and the writers for what they claim is community subversion. Bejeweled_Bird wrote…

“Probably doesn’t help you mods freaked out over a doorknob SCP. All humor has been yanked from the site and it’s become a mouthpiece of SJWS: There is noone who is going to work to shutdown the SCP site because it didn’t give in you the SJW crowd.


SCP is not political, it never should have been and it was obvious where it was going when it posted the pride SCP when gay unions in the US were legalized: Why do I care what the mods of SCP support, I’m not there for your or your political drivel I’m there to read stories and enjoy myself and frankly you lot dragging me and everyone else into it is disgusting.”

As many of the users criticized the mod staff for banning and censoring people who didn’t adhere to their politics, Joreth stated that one of the moderators, djkaktus, would be stepping down after escalating tensions within the community.

Another longtime user, bonegolem, gave the moderators the benefit of the doubt, but also pointed out how the community was undergoing some of the same issues of censorship and content redirection that other communities have befallen when overtaken by SJWs, writing…

“SJWs taking over online communities is perceived as a serious threat in several circles, and I would argue that there’s very convincing arguments for that being the case. Despite the desperate attempts of SJWs to paint their detractors as “homophobic”, “right wing” etc., it’s fairly clear that people hating SJWs are primarily concerned with censorship and deteriorating work quality caused by politics-injecting virtue-signaling ideologues who claim to defend marginalized people, and again the stuff shown in Metokur’s video seems exactly up that alley.


“[…] I’ve been an SCP fan since the earliest 4chan days, I’ve remained such and I’ve read some of my favorite work on the wiki. I really hope Metokur is blowing this out of proportion, and I appreciate your post (less the “nonpology” OP, more your behavior in the replies). Kaktus stepping down is a very strong step in a good direction — and, I’m sure, a painful one, given his authority as a renowned and skilled author of the wiki. I think you should note it in the OP.”

Joreth repeatedly mentioned throughout the Reddit thread that there was no SJW takeover, and that with djkaktus stepping down things would be going back to the way they were.

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but a lot of the community members were disappointed with how political the SCP Foundation fandom had become. Many simply wanted to indulge in reading creepy horror stories online without being force-fed sociopolitical agendas, or reproached for reading stories that didn’t adhere to the sociopolitical standards set by certain staff members and users.

On the upside the original SCP makers moved over to another site called RPC Authority, and have been establishing the old vibes that fans enjoyed from the original Series I debut.

(Thanks for the news tips ennis and Scorpion)


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