Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Gameplay Walkthrough
Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn

Saber Interactive’s Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is currently available for home consoles and PC. The beat-’em-up game isn’t very long but for people who thought about getting into the beat-’em-up game there are some walkthroughs available.

YouTuber BrownMan has a two and a half hour walkthrough of the game that you can check out below, covering the game from start to finish.

Once you get into the game you can start a new game and choose from the three difficulty settings.

The game starts with a quick cut-scene then goes into the game when the village comes under attack.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Controls

You use the left analog stick to move and the ‘X’ button on the Xbox One controller or Square on the PS4’s DualShock to perform basic combos.

Press ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to perform heavy attacks, which is Circle on the PS4’s DualShock.

Left and Right Trigger can grab opponents after they’re dazed while the left and right bumpers can rush opponents.

The ‘A’ button on the Xbox controller jumps, which is the ‘X’ button on the PS4’s controller.

You can use the right analog stick to dodge up and down to avoid attacks.

For shielded enemies be sure to build up your combo and use the ‘B’ button to break your opponent’s shield.

If you build up enough energy on your energy meter you can use ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller or Triangle on the DualShock to perform a ground smash to unleash an AOE attack on opponents.

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn - Con-Ye

The first boss fight is against Frizzle. He’ll get out of his pink limo with his hoes and knock them away in a politically incorrect fashion when he turns into a zombie.

Frizzle will use some really slow attacks but you can pummel him in between his attacks. He’ll also unleash a spinning attack that you can easily avoid by keeping your distance and waiting for him to finish.

Beat him up some more once he gets done spinning, and rinse and repeat until he dies.

One thing worth noting is that when the rockets fall from the sky, use the jump button to dodge out of the way.

Some magic-spewing dudes will then arrive on the scene. They’re kind of annoying because they keep their distance at the edge of the screen and will fire at you like zoning trolls. You’ll need to get really close up inside their personal space after every shot and just wail on them like an angry pimp wailing on a ho.

As you progress through the game you’ll eventually get the Big D power-up, which is unfortunately not a secret mode to re-enact the best moments from Blacked. It does, however, unlock the ability to acquire the Big Diesel mech armor. Just go around and pummel the crap out of the bad guys with the mech. When the suit begins to overheat, use the ‘B’ button on the Xbox controller or Circle on the DualShock to release the pressure by smashing the ground.

The next boss is Arthur, a robot-controlled boss that is mostly just a pummel-sponge for Shaq.

It seems as if Arthur is supposed to be Trump? But it’s hard to tell.

Shaq will need to take out a number of other celebrities who have been sent to brainwash the masses.

Baby Face is actually Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber’s fanboys will attack Shaq. You can use the barrels to roll over the fanboys like bowling pins.

The zombie fanboys can be a bit difficult if you aren’t careful. For the purple fanboys just dodge the purple fists and then launch a counterattack.

Continue through and then kill all the baddies until you reach the river of purple slime. Use the barrels to throw it at the slime guys on the other side of the river until they die, and then use the valve to reduce the slime and jump into the hole.

Continue through the underground slime factory and defeat the enemies.

Use the levers on the cranes to take out the bad guys along the pathway of the crane arms.

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn - Baby Face Justin Bieber

You’ll face off against Justin Bieber, who uses a chicken launcher.

Basically, dodge his egg cannon attacks and then roll in close and pummel him down. You can also use the barrels at the edge of the arena to use long range attacks to beat him down.

There’s also a random dance off during the middle of the fight. Just make sure you do the button presses as indicated to regain some of your health.

Keep dodging his chicken attacks and finish him off to complete the stage.

In the next stage you’ll need to take on gym douche bags and bikers on tiny motorcycles.

You can use the “no booty” signs to knock the bikers off the motorcycles.

Some blood-sucking lawyers will hop into the fray, but they’re just like the fireball-throwing magicians. Just dodge their projectile and then get in close to pummel them to death.

There’s a Shaqtus costume you can acquire later on in the stage. You can throw needles to take out the enemies.

Take out all the enemies until you reach the boss Diamond, who is obviously Paris Hilton. She uses her poodle to attack as well as calls in teleporting ninjas to help her.

Be careful because she can use a stun attack to lock you in place. Wiggle the left analog stick to get out of the stunlock.

Also, avoid taking the sign from sign lady otherwise the game will lock-up. Saber Interactive needs to get that stuff fixed ASAP.

Paris Hilton will spawn in teleporters that spawn in additional enemies. Destroy the portals to take out the minions and then finish her off.

After you kill Paris Hilton, 4chan the hacker will contact Shaq and give him instructions on how to find his next target.

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn - 4chan The Hacker

After Shaq gets a ride from the jolly gay biker into Bel-Air, you’ll need to continue to battle through the hordes of enemies. When you reach the gate you’ll gain access to the Big Diesel power-up again, where you can blast through the baddies with ease.

The Big Diesel mech suit doesn’t last for very long, so make use of it while you can.

Through the gated community you’ll have to take out more chads and lawyers.

There are cars that will ride down the street that can take out the baddies for you, so just stay out of the way of the cars.

At the end of the Bel-Air street you’ll need to fight Chang the Pimp. He’s basically just a big magician firing projectiles. So just dodge his projectile and get in close to give him the big ‘D’.

Continue down the street and keep on taking out the chads, fanboys, and bikers until you reach the Emerald Hills.

Once you reach Emerald Hills you’ll have to fight a Kim Kardashian, who turns into a giant booty.

Just be sure to watch out for the flaming turds that Kim K., will drop from the air, and the stinking twerk circles she drops on the ground.

Just be sure to pepper Kim K., with a quick combo and then get out of the way. Don’t stand and trade damage with the giant booty.

Once you defeat Kim Kardashian you’ll head to the next stage.

Ye-Ye will tell Shaq that he needs to get to Fiji where Shaq will have to fight growing Nazis who wear Scottish kilts.

Be sure to take out the Nazis before they grow too large, otherwise it will be slightly harder to defeat them.

Later on you’ll face off against some floating projectile throwers. Just use your jump attacks to get them out of the air.

Later on you’ll gain access to the Shaqtus ability and you’ll need to kill 100 enemies to proceed. Once your meter fills up you can also use the special attack with the ‘B’ button on the Xbox One controller or Circle on the DualShock.

Later on some mines will begin rolling down a hill and you’ll have to dodge the mines while killing 200 kilt-wearing Nazis.

You can also kick the mines down the hill to kill the Nazis at the bottom of the hill.

When you reach the top of the hill there’s a porta-potty you’ll then face off against Mel Gibson.

Watch out for his flaming sword attack after he drinks and goes into Rage Mode.

Just wait for him to finish his flaming attack and then he’ll do some slow low sweeps and vertical strikes. Do a basic combo and then dodge out of the way. He’ll then begin flying and shooting a flaming laser at the ground while minions hop onto the battlefield.

You can actually have him kill his own men by using the flaming laser against his own men.


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