SimpleRockets 2 Lets You Build And Launch Your Own Rockets This Summer

SimpleRockets 2 is not a beautiful game, to say the least, but if you enjoy rocket simulators that let you build and launch your own rockets into space, it looks like publisher and developer Jundroo has you covered this summer.

Just like any other indie game, Jundroo will release SimpleRockets 2 on Steam Early Access for PC folks to enjoy. However, the space sim’s launch will determine whether or not it will be accepted or rejected by the community sometime this summer.

Speaking of SimpleRockets 2 and if the community will find the game to be interesting, the devs behind the game wrote up a description and released a teaser trailer for gamers and sim fans to look over.

Starting with the former, the description explaining what SimpleRockets 2 has to offer at its core lies below:

“SimpleRockets is back, but now it’s fully 3D. Build rockets, airplanes, rovers, and anything you can think of with highly customizable parts. Explore 3D planets. Upload and share your crafts online. We’re bringing it to Early Access while we work on a Planet Builder, Campaign Mode, and other key features.”

Following up on the above description comes the latter point, the teaser trailer, which you can watch right here:

The first SimpleRockets is a 2D game, and as seen above the new iteration has been upgraded to 3D. The game’s graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but if you like the idea of creating your very own rocket(s) from scratch and exploring space, planets and other unearthly things I think this game might be ideal for you.

Moreover, if you don’t like building rockets, the space-based simulator has it where it’s more than possible to create airplanes, rovers, or anything you can imagine and explore three-dimensional planets or space.

You can further your research on the space sim by hitting up its newly posted Early Access page or


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