SNK Heroines Adds The Seductive Luong And Sultry Mian To The Roster
SNK Heroines - Mian

While a bunch of other games are currently censoring their rosters, removing content, scaling back on the sexy-time and demonizing the thought of adding sex appeal to their games, SNK Corporation is doing the complete opposite with SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

The game is designed from the ground up as a cosplay compilation of sexiness and fun that appreciates and celebrates the feminine sex appeal for the female fighters and warriors from the SNK line-up of video games.

It’s truly rare these days for a company to go all-in on a title that so strongly derives its identity from cheesecake fan-service, but it’s definitely nice to see, especially with so many other companies moving in the complete opposite direction.

All that being said, a new minute and a half long trailer was dropped during Nintendo’s E3 Direct, focusing on the seductively long-legged Luong, and the opera dancer Mian, the latter of whom is wearing a skirt so short you’ll hurt your neck trying to lean over to get a good view.

Despite being stupendously sexy in her artful depictions, Mian is rather conservative in how she flaunts her figure. Her fighting style is regal and graceful, and she retains that opera-style performance in her movements and attacks.

Additionally, Mian’s other outfits are no where near as scandalously succulent as her fellow pugilists. She’s dressed in a pencil skirt and office wear in her second outfit, while her third outfit is the traditional opera garb she wore during her appearance in King of Fighters XIV.

SNK Heroines Luong

Luong on the other hand… my goodness.

That woman’s curves are more dangerous than the Pikes Peak international hill climb.

Unlike Mian, Luong isn’t as embarrassed or reserved to switch those hips and rock those thighs.

While she shows less skin than Mian in her other two outfits, she definitely shows way more of her curvaceous body than her fellow fighter.

Either way, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is in no short supply of ample… assets.

You can look for the game to arrive on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch starting September 7th, 2018 later this year.


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