Soul Calibur VI: Maxi Will Have 7 Different Stances

Soul Calibur VI battle director notes have come forth, and this time it’s all about the newly revealed fighter Maxi. The fast and dangerous nunchaku wielder has the ability to switch between seven different stances and can enter a ‘Pure Soul Loop” stance.

Maxi in Soul Calibur VI is armed with his treasured Fatibal and is able to unleash a powerful unending flurry of strikes using the Shissen Karihadi fighting style. Additionally, this fighting style offers the newly announced fighter to switch between seven stances named after the stars in the Big Dipper constellation.

If you don’t know what the names are of the seven stars in the Big Dipper, there’s no need to worry. Nevertheless, the first stance is named Alioth, which is followed by Dubhe, Merak, Alkaid, Phecda, Megrez, and Mizar.

In addition to the above, the battle director also notes that Maxi will be able to utilize Soul Calibur VI’s powerful defense tool, Reversal Edge, in a special way. He can shift into a different stance with an additional input after attacks or stop briefly to enter a Pure Soul Loop stance.

The abovementioned comes in courtesy of Wonkey, who translated the following information bodied in a thread of tweets via

The thread of tweets continue, and we learn from Wonkey that after all attacks are done followed by a stance switch from a Pure Soul Loop, he will now gain a power boost.

Furthermore, Maxi can also play with his opponents using tricky movements much like Yoshimitsu. Additionally, he can use an algorithm of
“Attack – Stance Switch – Loop – Attack” and if kept up he can catch his opponents off guard.

If all of that sounds like fun, you can either head on over to to learn more or you can wait for Soul Calibur VI to drop for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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