Star Wars Author Chuck Wendig Calls Star Wars Fans White Supremacists

Star Wars Aftermath

The author of the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy, Chuck Wendig, went on a Twitter rant against Star Wars fans, calling them #GamerGate, #ComicsGate, MRAs, Incels and white supremacists.

He started off the rant on May 31st, 2018, exclaiming that he went down a rabbit hole of crappy Star Wars fans after they threatened to boycott his upcoming book and were glad Solo: A Star Wars Story tanked at the box office.

There’s a string of tweets from Wendig, as he unloads on the very people that help make the fandom what it is, writing in succession…

“Here’s what happened, for context: some numbnuts tagged me into some thing about boycotting my upcoming Darth Vader annual issue (out in August!), and there… I saw some shit.


“Current idea is that SOLO is “tanking” — I guess by having the fourth biggest opening in 2018 so far — because of SUPERFANS who so hated the Last Jedi so bad that their magic hate powers caused a sorcerous boycott of SOLO.


“And that’s astonishingly goofy on so many levels.


“First, that fans — again, FANS! — are happy — HAPPY!? — that Star Wars is faring poorly. It’s like rooting for your own child to fail. It’s like hoping your own puppy falls down some steps. It’s so weird.


“Second, that people hated THE LAST JEDI enough to affect SOLO’s numbers, but somehow not enough to affect… TLJ’s numbers? Like, with TLJ, what, people kept tonguing that broken tooth? Feeding money into the Movie Machine to hope it would get better? And then bought the Blu-Ray?


“Then they were sure that TLJ failed because it didn’t do TFA’s numbers, even though TLJ was still like, one of the biggest movies ever — not that this really matters, but somehow they’re sure this means it failed? Blah blah Ruin Johnson and other clever starwarsgate trolltalk.


“And now they’re happy SOLO is underperforming and they’re claiming it as a success in this weird ideological culture war they’re waging. SOLO arguably *is* underperforming, and to claim that their little fan campaigns had anything to do with that is so bizarre and narcissistic, you might as well claim it’s because you did a fucking magic “I Hate Star Wars” tap dance in your man-cave.


“It’s *never* because of hater-fans. A movie also never *succeeds* because of its fans, because most moviegoers — the ones who form the bulk of the moviegoing public, the ones who buy most of the tickets — don’t give a great honking shit about most of this stuff.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story had a 65% week-to-week drop-off. While fans reportedly stated that the movie was mediocre and didn’t hammer in the identity politics like Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it was also nothing particularly noteworthy. Many fans have begun a boycott Solo campaign, refusing to go see the movie due to the Social Justice Warrior politics that have taken over the Star Wars brand.

And then, Wendig begins moving into attacking Trump supporters and white males. YouTuber Geeks + Gamers did a video on the important parts.

You can read the tweets below…

“Second, bots or fake accounts. Given that some of these accounts are literally nothing but this — or are this and Trumpy shitstain stuff — you kinda see what’s up.


“Third, it’s what’s at the heard of ALL this weaponized aerosolized horseshit — it’s sexism and racism. It’s sphincter-stung white dudes who are so tender, so brittle, they cannot hack that the world is now only 90% about them instead of 95%.


“Their names change — MRA, incel, gamer-gate, comics-gate, sad puppies, Real Star Wars fans — but at the heart of it is the same fragile rage born of the poisonous chemical combination of white supremacy and toxic masculinity.”

Wendig proceeds in the Twitter rant to breakdown why he feels this group is lashing out, claiming that identitarians are simply angry that they’re no longer at the center of attention, writing…

“This is the huge, huge cultural knot that lead to this current fuuuuuucked-up moment in American and world history, and it’s going to take time and effort to untie it and/or chop through it.


“It’s the same shit. It’s the same tiny hearts nested in massive inflated egos who fear that the world is not uniquely theirs and that they might actually have to, gasp, share it with other people, and oh no, not get by on mediocrity alone.


“The reason they hate identity politics is that it involves politics that do not perfectly invoke their singular identity. At the heart of it, these people aren’t fans, and they can’t see through the particulate shit-fog of their own expulsions to see what they really are.”

Wendig’s entire argument, however, falls apart when you take into consideration that the newest Star Wars films have done their best in North America, where the majority of the audience is white.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi did horribly overseas, so much so that the Chinese hated it and it was pulled from the theaters. The last I checked, Chinese weren’t Trump-supporting, Right-wing, white supremacists.

It’s a repeated story for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which is also failing in China and other international box office territories.

Right now it appears as if some LucasFilm and Disney employees are starting to do what Marvel Comics employees had been doing for the last six years: attacking their own audience.

In the case of Marvel Comics, the injection of Social Justice Warrior politics and having authors publicly shame, attack, and berate their own consumers inevitably led to a huge downturn in comic book sales for Marvel.

Eventually marvel got rid of the editor-in-chief and replaced him with someone new and is now attempting to cancel some of the SJW comics following six years of complaints from fans and consumers alike.

If Disney continues to ignore the fans and attack their audience, the same thing will likely happen to the rest of the Star Wars media products.