Street Fighter 5 Nude Falke Mod Is Currently Available For Fitness Aficionados
Street Fighter 5 Falke

A new mod for Street Fighter V has been made available for one of the new characters on the roster, Falke. She’s a feisty military chick with a chic hairstyle and a slender (according to Street Fighter V standards) body with a fighting stick for a weapon. If you’ve been itching to fix that longing to see Falke all dressed down in her birthday suit, you’re in luck my thirsty friend… there is a mod for that.

The very reliable modder, Khaledantar666, has made the nude Falke mod available right now for gamers. Simply message him on the page and you can gain access to the super sexy nude mod for Falke.

The mod comes in two different flavors, including a dry skin version and an oily skin version. The dry skin is Falke in normal conditions, where you can see every inch of hardbody in action under normal lighting conditions. The oily skin gives you that sleek, shiny look as if you slide down her hips into next Tuesday.

The mod features 15 different colors, and it’s available as a replacement for any of Falke’s three default costumes. The body is also a high muscular type, so if you like abs and fitness definition on your nude ladies, Falke has it in spades.

Additionally, the mod comes in both shaved and unshaved variants, depending on how much you like taking a tour through the bush when down under.

There are also physics for both her butt and her boobs, along with 4K ultra HD textures and ambient occlusion maps for layered shadow mapping. There’s also RayTrace Constant Quasi-Monte Carlo variants for calculated shadow accuracy based on 128 rendering samples. This means that if you have a PC with enough horsepower, Falke’s nude body will look like the true next-generation of fap-inducing art.

There are different tiers available for the nude Falke mod for Street Fighter V, so be sure to contact Khaledantar666 on the DeviantArt page to let him know which version of the mod you want.


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