Super Seducer 2 Is Ready To Trigger SJWs On September 15th
Super Seducer 2

World famous pick-up Richard La Ruina announced that RLR Training’s Super Seducer 2 will launch this September on Steam for PC. Given that Sony has taken an SJW-stance on their software lately, blocking games like the original Super Seducer from appearing on the PlayStation store, as well as barring Omega Labyrinth Z from being sold to Western PS4 gamers, don’t expect Super Seducer 2 to make its way onto the PS4 anytime soon.

Nevertheless, if you still need help becoming a master pick-up artist and the first Super Seducer didn’t quite touch the spot, Richard La Ruina’s Super Seducer 2 will offer you more tips, more feedback, more scenarios, and more options in order to pick up ladies like some kind of mega romancer… or a power charmer… or a… you get the drift.

New to this version of the game are all new locations, including the super sexy hot spot that includes a strip club. Oh yeah, Social Justice Warriors are going to be crying and whining and engorged on spilling tears like pule-spewing brats over this game.

Previously, a bunch of SJW feminists attacked Richard La Ruina and Super Seducer, calling it sexist and misogynist, even though many of the actresses who starred in the first game did so because they felt it would actually help people with their dating habits, abilities, and confidence. In fact, Phoxel interviewed Shanna Vincent for a podcast where she rebuts the claims about the game being sexist.

Super Seducer 2 - Hottie At The Office

Nevertheless, the sequel will feature all new situations and scenarios for players to encounter, boasting 10 times the budget of the first game with more “seductive” content than ever before. This includes trying to date a stripper, trying to hit on a secretary without getting fired or sent to jail, how to nab a feminist, and how to do all the right deeds to land a one-night stand.

This is the kind of game incels should be flocking to like their lives depending on it. Heck, the future generation of their seed depends on it… assuming that incels would prefer divorcing their intimacy from inanimate objects such as polyester and crêpe paper.

Anyway, according to Richard La Ruina, you can expect the game to launch on September 15th later this year for PC.

A new trailer is expected to drop in July, and previews are going out to content creators and media influencers at some point in August.

For more information on Super Seducer 2, feel free to visit the Steam store page.

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