The Last Of Us 2 Trailer Hammers Home Ellie’s Lesbian Relationship

Last of Us 2 Lesbians

For all those Sony fanboys who at one point argued that Ellie from The Last Us wasn’t actually a lesbian, and that the interracial kiss she shared with her dying friend in The Last of Us: Left Behind was just a moment of intense emotional reactions, it  was revealed during this year’s E3 showcase that Ellie is indeed a full-on, hardcore, need-no-man lesbian.

The video cinematic mixes itself in with what Naughty Dog attempts to portray as in-game play, but it’s pretty obvious that the gameplay won’t be anywhere near as cinematic as it’s portrayed in the trailer below courtesy of Breakthrough Gaming.

In the first part, Ellie is at a dance, watching her girlfriend dance with some guy. When she gets done dancing with the guy she then dances with Ellie. The two then proceed to lock lips in a full on display of lesbianism, something that Sony fanboys have been desperately trying to deny was a thing in The Last of Us. But now they’ll either have to accept that they support Naughty Dogs’ agenda or continue to live in denial (which is not uncommon for fanboys).

The Last of Us 2 - Lesbians

This is actually the work of Neil Druckmann.

Naughty Dog’s creative director, Neil Druckmann, has been forcing homosexuality in The Last of Us 2 to spite fans who do not want to see homosexuality in mainstream AAA games. Druckmann made it known in a tweet some time ago that he would be doing this when one gamer said that he hoped that The Last of Us 2 did not focus on homosexuality. Druckmann stated that anti-SJW comments or people complaining about The Last of Us being SJW propaganda would compel him to add more diversity to Naughty Dog’s games.

Essentially, the more you want to get away from SJW politics, the more Druckmann will add them to the game.

The second part of the demonstration focuses on Ellie killing some bandits in a violent way. She repeatedly stabs one man in the neck, and then attempts to take out a few more, but ends up getting spotted during a fight in an underpass.

The gameplay demonstration during E3 is essentially more cinematic than what the real game will actually be. It attempts to portray the game as having desperate combat sequences where strategy and tactics win out over trying to go in gung-ho like Rambo.

While gamers seemed to enjoy the third-person combat, many fanboys still couldn’t stomach that Druckmann showed his true colors by really pushing the lesbian angle into sixth gear in The Last of Us 2.

If you didn’t know that Druckmann was an SJW before, maybe now it’s quite obvious, especially after he admitted in an interview that he switched Uncharted 4’s ending where instead of Nate having a son he was given a daughter, which occurred after Drtuckmann was influenced by Anita Sarkeesian’s Trope vs Women in Games videos. Expect to see a lot more of that when The Last of Us 2 releases exclusively for the PS4.

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