The Wilting Amaranth, Yuri Visual Novel Launches On Steam; 18+ Patch Available
The Wilting Amaranth

Top Hat Productions and Reine Works released The Wilting Amaranth, an adult, yuri-themed visual novel based on the Rapunzel fairy tale, back in May of this year. The uncensored version of the game launched on Nutaku, complete with all the hardcore yuri action you could desire. Well, in order to reach a broader audience, the all-ages version of The Wilting Amaranth recently became available on Steam.

You can pick up a digital copy on the Steam store for $4.99. During the first week of release the game is discounted by 10% off the normal purchasing price, so you can get it for only $4.49.

The Wilting Amaranth centers around three girls trapped in a witch’s tower. They’re bound together by fate and are struggling to exist within a society that shuns them.

Each of the girls can hook up and make some sweet yuri love with one another.

The arc of the story centers around the girls defying the social standards around them. Interestingly enough there are only two character routes, but the game does sport about 13 different endings for players to unlock.

So depending on the choices you make will depend on the ending you unlock. There are also more than 10 different CG sequences to experience as well.

The real meat and potatoes comes in the form of the uncensored patch, which is also available for Steam users. If you didn’t buy the uncensored Nutaku version, but for some reason went with the Steam version, you can actually turn the Steam version into the uncensored version by acquiring the patch from over on

Once you download the patch, simply plop it into the game directory of The Wilting Amaranth and it will turn the game into the uncensored version of the visual novel. Obviously they couldn’t post the patch on Steam due to Valve’s rule against publishing uncensored patches on the platform. So if you don’t want to go through the trouble of dealing with Steam, just grab the Nutaku version.


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