Ubisoft CEO Answers Fan Questions About A New Splinter Cell And The Next Big Thing

Ubisoft Co-Founder and CEO Yves Guillemot took a moment out of his day after E3 2018 to answer fan questions about a plethora of things. One of the many questions revolves around Splinter Cell and how the company has nothing to announce right now, but Guillemot and crew recognize the demand for the Splinter Cell brand.

If you want to hear the full list of fan questions related to the Chinese market, Nintendo, the scope of Beyond Good and Evil 2, the future of gaming, and Ubisoft hearing fans loud and clear that they want a new Splinter Cell game, you can watch the newly posted video featuring Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot right here:

The three highlights of the video consist of Splinter Cell, the scope of Beyond Good and Evil 2, and Ubisoft’s thoughts on the next “big” thing.

Starting with the former point (Splinter Cell), Ubisoft made it clear that fans demanding for a new game has been heard. According to Guillemot, there are no Splinter Cell announcements planned yet, but he is well aware that fans “like the brand.”

The second point revolves around Beyond Good and Evil 2 being Ubisoft biggest project ever. Guillemot claims that he “hope so,” and that he thinks the team has the capacity to create the best game on the planet if the team takes their time.

And the last and final highlight is Guillemot’s thoughts on the next “big” thing, which his answer lies below:

“The next big thing is going to be the capacity to stream our games to more and more screens and the ability to use all the forms of servers that will be in data centers so that we can make the ultimate game, which is a game that will be very alive, responsive to all the actions you do in it, and remember what you have done.”

So what can we take away from Ubisoft and Guillemot’s answers? Well, Splinter Cell demand by fans has been heard, Beyond Good and Evil 2 may be the biggest game the company is working on if not on the “entire planet,” and the next big thing is having a game accessible on multiple platforms, screens, and servers, whilst remembering all of your actions.


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