Valve Bans AIDS Simulator, Suicide Simulator, BlackScreen Simulator From Steam
AIDS Simulator

Valve recently announced that the only games they would be banning from the Steam storefront are trolling games and illegal content. Well, according to VideoGamer, Valve has held true to some aspect of that promise, as a handful of asset flip games and troll titles were recently banned from Steam.

The list of games banned include:

  • AIDS Simulator
  • Occult Raise
  • Occult ReRaise
  • Glitch Simulator 2018
  • ISIS Simulator
  • Blackscreen Simulator
  • Suicide Simulator
  • Triggering Simulator
  • Asset Flip Simulator
  • White Power: Pure Voltage

A number of other games have also been delisted, had their purchasing options disabled, or outright banned. The complete list is available over on Steam-Tracker.

Obviously some gamers have been keeping an eye on the tracker following Valve’s announcement about not enacting curating censorship on titles that various groups of people deem are “offensive”.

The bans and removals haven’t entirely been consistent, though. Developers like MangaGamer are still trying to figure out why A Kiss For The Petals: Maidens of Michael was banned from Steam, and Neko Climax Studios is also trying to figure out why their game Deep Space Waifu is being re-reviewed by the staff at Valve.

In the case of games like AIDS Simulator, some people have reported it for being an asset flip, even though there were some people interested in playing the first-person shooter.

The gameplay is similar to Active Shooter, only instead of being a school shooter or a S.W.A.T., member, you’re a victim of AIDS trying to kill and prevent others from attempting to spread the AIDS virus.

BunchOD00dz and Arcane Raise will now have to go back to the drawing board because Valve won’t allow the game on the Steam store.

It looks like certain games that they deem as “troll” games that gain a certain amount of attention get banned, but other games are left alone. We’ll see how consistent Valve is with banning these “troll” games and other “illegal” games as they continue to iron out the new tools for users to do their own curation.


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