Vampyr Gameplay Walkthrough
Vampyr Gameplay Walkthrough

Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive’s Vampyr is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The action-oriented drama-RPG follows Dr. Jonathan Reid during his turbulent transformation from a war doctor into a bloodsucking fiend of the night. For gamers in need of a bit of help with the way the main missions unfold, there are some walkthrough guides available.

YouTuber SullyGaming offers a walkthrough of Vampyr, giving gamers a full playlist of the game from start to finish. You can view the walkthrough below.

The game starts with a short cinematic about death and immortality before it shows Doctor Jonathan Reid climbing out of a pit of dead bodies.

From here, players will control Reid, moving along the ridge and following a blood trail to Mary, Jonathan’s sister.

Interact with her to have Jonathan eat his sister and kill her.

After the cinematic ends, have Jonathan run through the alleyways and streets in order to escape from the coppers.

Grab the machete out of the dead body and use it to kill the hunters.

The pathway is linear here; make your way into the refinery and kill the other hunters. You can switch between targets using the right analog.

Keep following the pathway until you reach the house with the red door.

Another cinematic will play.

Use ‘X’ on the PS4 DualShock to grab items, or ‘A’ on the Xbox One controller to pick things up. You’ll also use this to examine items, objects and bodies.

Vampyr - The Gold Watch

Examine the gold watch to get a quick flashback of Jonathan’s death.

Go over to the dead body that committed suicide and take the used revolver.

After the intro cinematic you’ll be introduced to Jonathan’s active and passive skills. You’ll be able to evolve his skills over the course of the game, improving his combat abilities, both offensively and defensively. Each skill has its own separate set of levels that can also be upgraded throughout the game.

Once you level up a specific skill it’ll unlock new skills for you to unlock.

Vampyr - Suicide

Chapter 1: Quarantine – Vampyr Controls

Once you get done applying your skills. Move toward the exit of the house and use your teleportation skill to get upstairs.

Head back downstairs and grab the stake out of the enemy’s chest. You’ll be able to do main attacks using Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller. Use Triangle for offhanded attacks, which is ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller.

Oftentimes offhanded attacks are used to stun opponents, while main attacks are to finish off opponents.

You can replenish your health when an opponent is stunned by using offhanded attacks and then press ‘X’ on the Dualshock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller to bite the opponent.

Make your way through the harbor and you can eat rats to replenish small traces of your health.

Proceed through the docks until you reach the bottom. Don’t forget to take some shillings scattered throughout the docks.

To follow the blood trail after you find the dead body, press in the left analog stick to turn on the sense, which will allow you to see blood trails in the environment.

The trail will lead you past the tavern, and around the back of a hideout. Teleport up to the second floor and go inside the building, you’ll find a crafting table.

Go back down to the tavern and talk to the bartender and the barmaid. They’ll direct you to go upstairs and talk to the man in the room.

You’ll be able to talk with Dr. Edgar Swansea, who will explain that a vampire is famished and reckless, killing people in the area.

Go back down and talk to the barmaid and she’ll tell you about William Bishop.

Talk to Tom the bartender about William Bishop and ask where you can find him.

Head to the boats by the dock. Follow the navpoint to the location of yet another dead body.

Head into the docks and follow the blood trail toward the pier.

If you’re low on blood, you can also feed on rats by tracking them down using the left analog button. They’ll show up on the screen as red splotches.

Follow the blood splats into the warehouse where more hunters are located.

Continue to follow the path until you encounter William Bishop, who is a rabid vampire.

You’ll need to dodge Bishop’s attacks and then attack him in between.

Once he’s dead, go talk to the priest.

Before you leave with the Dr. Swansea, take a blood sample from William Bishop.

After the cinematic you can then investigate a situation involving Clay Cox, who is injured after a fight. You can either embrace him and drink his blood to level up Jonathan, or you can release him and let him go.

Go talk to the nurse and then go talk to Sean Hampton inside the hospital.

Your next main quest will take you outside of the hospital, northwest near Whitechapel.

Your main objectives will be to find your office on the second floor of the hospital and to investigate and find out who was spying on Thelma. The office on the second floor will allow you to craft items from your own medicinal workbench, as well as to work as your home base.

You can also purchase weapons and ammo from the black ambulance driver, Milton.

Once you get done crafting items, go rest in the bed.

Dorothy will mention that supplies are running low and they’ll need more. She’ll give Jonathan the Morgue Key in order to access the morgue in order to search for more supplies.

You can also purchase some medicinal crafting supplies from Dr. Rakesh.

Follow the navmarker to the morgue and you’ll find a key to access to the basement in the main room where the first skals is located. You’ll also find the first set of supplies on the first floor in the laboratory just off the main hall.

You’ll also find a key to the basement.

When you head down into the basement, you’ll find a boss skal named John Doe.

After you kill John Doe, exit the morgue and head back to the hospital.

Talk to Lady Ashbury, who will need a help from Dr. Reid. She will direct him to talk to Harriet Jones.

Jones will talk about a strange man who visits a nurse during the shift.

You’ll then need to find nurse Gwyneth Branagan. You’ll find her outside at the tents just in front of the hospital. Once you finish talking to her, go talk to Dorothy Crane, who you’ll find by the docks at the boat, talking to a mobster.

Follow the mobster into the sewers and track the blood trail to the lycan.

After you complete the mission, head back to your room, mess about your stats and then head into the next day.

You’ll need to travel to the Whitechapel sector next.

Follow the navpoint across the river and past the hospital into Whitechapel.

There are quite a few enemies about, so you’ll need to take out several groups of hunters before you can get back to exploring and unraveling the story.

Make your way through the gates, past the group of hunters. You’ll then need to find Darius Petrescu in the Whitechapel district.

You can talk to Loretta Swanborough about some of the locals in the district. But she won’t give you much info.

You’ll find Cadogan Bates just around the corner, and you can talk to him about his business and life in London.

If you knock on the door just a few meters from where Bates is located, Petrescu will open the door but won’t let you in.

Vampyr - Darius Petrescu

Use the left analog to follow Darius and he’ll go to a small house at the back of the street. You can press ‘X’ on the DualShock to zoom in and see a quick cinematic between Darius and Dorothy Crane.

You’ll then need to find Richard Nithercott and Clayton Darby.

If you talk to Camellia you can address her about working with Dorothy Crane but she’s a mute and won’t talk.

You’ll find Clayton Darby, a black journalist in front of a church.

Richard Nithercott, the poet, is located behind the church.

Ask Darby about Darius not going out, and he’ll inform Dr. Reid about the torn up letter and the mailbox.

You’ll find the letter from Darius near the trash can directly in front of the church.

Talk to Father Whitaker about Dorothy, and then proceed around the back alleys of Whitechapel to kill the Skals and lycans.

As you circle around the church you’ll be able to enter into the back of the church where Richard Nithercott is located.

Talk to Nithercott about Dorothy Crane and Darius Petrescu, and then you’ll be able to talk to Darius again in order to get into his home.

Talk to Darius and he will let you into the house to speak with Dorothy.

Help nurse Dorothy to heal the patient. You’ll need to perform a tracheotomy. If you attempt to get her to leave the room, Dorothy will not.

After interacting with the patient, you will be able to directly address Dorothy for the blackmailing that she’s been enacting against Lady Ashbury.

You’ll be able to charm, embrace or spare Dorothy Crane. If you embrace her you will suck out her blood and kill her. If you use the vampire charm then Dorothy will be forced to stop her clandestine operations.

Head back to Lady Ashbury to report your findings.

Talk to Ashbury, and you can find out that she’s not your maker, as well as discover that she kills some of the patients who pass through the hospital in order to sate her own bloodlust.

She will also reveal that she was turned into a vampire when she was 27-years-old even though she looks 36-years-old.

Proceed to take the blood sample back to your room and examine it. This will complete Chapter 2 and open up the next ,ossopm/

Chapter 3: Family History

Proceed to talk to Dr. Swansea about the strain of flu based on the blood sample you’ve taken.

Once you finish talking to Swansea about the flue strain, you’ll need to discreetly attend your sister’s funeral.

On your way to the cemetery there’s a widow in distress you can help – she’s to the left once you enter the cemetery. She’s trapped behind a gate. Kill the skals to save the widow.

It turns out that the woman is an immigrant named Hsiao Shun.

You can also examine the massacre at the end of the mausoleum.

After you help the woman you can move toward the nav point for the main mission and teleport up on the ledge to oversee the funeral of Mary.

Talk to Lady Ashbury once more and then make your way to the St. Mary Church.

You’ll encounter Fergal, the executioner of Ascalon during a short cinematic.

Talk to vicar Joseph Larrabee at the church after killing some of the enemies leading up to the church.

You’ll be able to confess to the priest, choosing to reveal the details of her death or opting to simply ask for forgiveness.

Head back to the hospital and talk to Edgar Swansea about the massacre in the tomb.

There will be some new enemies you’ll encounter, specifically some hunters with a cross-staff. The staff is very, very dangerous. Either get out of the range of the priest or get in close and attack him quickly before he can raise the staff.

Talk to Swansea and he’ll reveal that Harriet Jones has been killed. It turns out that Sean Hampton has gone on a killing spree.

You’ll need to travel to the east end docks to confront Sean Hampton. Alternatively, you can also help Hsiao Shun and attempt to convince her to head back to Whitechapel. You’ll find her at the cemetery where Dr. Reid’s sister was buried.

After you ask about Hsiao’s husband you’ll unlock the option to ask her why she’s blaming herself. It’ll unlock the option also tell Hsiao Shun about Dr. Reid’s sister’s death. After this you’ll be able to convince her to finally go home.

From there you can then deal with Sean Hampton.

Follow the nav point to the docks and take out the hunters along the way.

If you want to gain more insight into the murder before talking to Hampton, you can talk to nurse Gwyneth Branagan, Lady Ashbury as well as the patient Thomas. Ashbury will also give you some insight into the Ascalon club, if you were interested.

In the east end you’ll find Booth Digby, leader of the Wet Boot Boys. Ask about Sean Hampton and he’ll give you some hints about his whereabouts.

Ichabod Throgmorton, the vampire extraordinaire will direct you toward Tom Watts, the bartender, who will be able to direct you to Hampton’s asylum. Ichabod will also reveal that a skeezy Catholic priest molested Hampton when he was but a child.

Tom Watts will reveal more about Hampton as well as give you directions on how to reach the Sad Saint at the end of the east pier. It will update your nav market and direct you to the location.

Be careful, the enemies are between level 19 and level 22, so make sure you’re strong enough.

Make your way around the docks from the outer edge of the docks to enter into the docks and fight against the flamethrower-wielding boss, Jimmy “The Spark” Barlow.

Hampton is further across the docks, specifically in the Night Shelter’s Vicinity.

You’ll meet a trade union activist, Giselle Paxton, but she won’t help you find Sean Hampton.

Talk to Lotte Paxton and she’ll note that he’s probably in his office at the night asylum.

Head into the back of the night shelter and you’ll find Sean wandering around.

Talk to Hampton and he’ll give you a key to the sewer after claiming you don’t believe that he didn’t kill Harriett Jones.

Follow the nav point through the lower Thames bank, and you’ll discover a group of hunters standing under a causeway by a gate, which is where the sewer entrance is located.


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