VRoid Studio Free Tool Lets You Create 3D Anime Characters For VR/AR Streaming, Gaming
VRoid Studio

If you’re into programs like VRChat, or you host your own livestreaming channel, or you create Let’s Play content using custom avatars, a free tool from Pixiv called VRoid Studio is currently set to launch in July, which will allow you to create your own 3D anime character.

Details on the program were unveiled over on the official Pixiv website, where the creators revealed that VRoid Studio is a free character design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create your own characters and export them as VRM files and use them in applications that support the 3D file format.

The tool is extremely intuitive, allowing users to either use the mouse or tablet drawing tools to create their own characters using simple brushstroke-style techniques to modify the shape of the character’s face, their eyes, their hair, their makeup, and their body.

A very brief demonstration of the tool was showcased with a near minute long video that you can check out below.

It’s very impressive how they were able to create hair in half a minute, or modify the eye color with a certain level of color gradients and granular tones within a matter of seconds.

You can use the VRM characters in any software compatible with VRM object files, such as Niconi 3D,, or the Virtual Cast live communication service, which is similar to VRChat.

Ahead of the open beta launch at the end of July, the developers plan on launching a closed-beta test for VRoid Studio to iron out the kinks and make sure that it operates as intended.

I imagine that some keen modders will likely find a way to convert the VRM files into readable obj, dxr, 3ds, or dae files so that players will be able to rig them up and use them in VRChat.

This would also be a great way to get gamers to exercise some of their creative juices and create some characters who may not be available for some 3D avatar streaming services or avatar chat programs.

You can sign-up for the newsletter and updates on when VRoid Studio will be made available by visiting the official website.

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