Weekly Recap June 23rd: Last Of Us 2 Dev Attacks Gamers, Facebook Gaming Agenda, DND Gate
Weekly Recap

The second to last week of June was rife with over-the-top clashes, culture war consternation, Social Justice Warriors dogpiling their own saviors, and social media sock-puppet savants attempting to drag yet another fandom into the muddy feces where the sociopolitics of SJWs reside. It’s impossible to cover all of this in a cogent and intelligent way, but it is quite possible to sum all of the nonsense up as yet another week in the ongoing culture war where anti-SJWs are trying to take back society from the degeneracy being spread around by SJWs.

A huge red-pill for a lot of gamers came in the form of Boon Cotter attacking the core gaming community and anyone who identifies as an anti-SJW, telling them that they’re embarrassing and bad-mouthing those who aren’t on board with Neil Druckmann’s SJW agenda for The Last of Us 2.

The Dutch forced Valve to prohibit the sale or facilitation of loot boxes in the Netherlands, resulting in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 losing out on the Dutch gaming market when it comes to accessing the item trade marketplace for loot box content. And last but not least, Dungeons & Dragons has been dragged into the ongoing culture war in a big way with #DNDGate, joining other fandom battlegrounds such as #GamerGate and #ComicsGate. And Facebook has begun funding a global social engineering program in order force more women into games, as well as try to corral more girls into game design and computer science like cows being led by the nose through a slaughterhouse.

These pathetically sardonic stories and more in this June 23rd, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Last Of Us 2 Dev Calls Gamers Embarrassing

Naughty Dog has been in the news lately but not always for the best of reasons. After having a rather controversial E3 put under their belt, the company’s lighting artist took to Twitter to call gamers “embarrassing” for not liking the full-on display of lesbianism at this year’s Sony press conference. Much like Patrick Soderlund from EA, the dev went on to tell gamers that Naughty Dog doesn’t make games like The Last of Us Part II for anti-SJWS. In more propaganda-related news, Facebook’s #SheTalksGames was revealed to be a propaganda effort designed to culturally usurp male gaming for females. The social engineering effort is currently underway to subvert the gaming industry to make it more feminist friendly. In might better news, there’s a new game in the works based on Kill La Kill, featuring all the super tight, super bare bottoms and bouncing boobs that anyone could possibly ask for. A marketing firm known as RedShell Analytics was unlawfully collecting and selling user data, and after being caught out about it, some of the developers using the RedShell SDK vowed to remove it.


Kotaku Slut-Shames Ivy From Soul Calibur VI

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being jealous of a video game character, except being jealous of a video game character than trying to shame the developer for your own jealousy. If that sounds like a load of hogwash I can only tell that I wish it were. It turns out that it’s actually from a Kotaku writer who decided to slut-shame Ivy and Taki from Soul Calibur VI because they – wait for it – look too sexy. The diversity-ridden Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still a long ways off from release, so long in fact that you won’t be participating in the beta until 2019… late 2019. In even more depressing news, the World Health Organization has officially added Gaming Disorder to the ICD-11 catalog of international diseases. And in cringe-worthy news, the SCP Foundation fandom has been overtaken with SJW staff and the fans aren’t very fanciful of the fanaticism being exercised by the new SJW fanatics.


Loot Boxes In Netherlands Get Sodomized By The Law

Valve is the first company to comply to the enforcement of the gambling act law in the Netherlands, which prohibits publishers from selling loot boxes in games without a betting license. Games like CS: GO and Dota 2 have had their marketplace access revoked for those living in the Netherlands. The American Girl company added a gamer girl set to their line-up featuring Xbox gear, specifically an Xbox One S, a controller and a gaming chair… because obviously every young girl just can’t wait to accessorize their expensive doll with gaming gear they probably don’t even care exists. Xaviant announced that The Culling 2 is set to release soon on Steam, as the developers are attempting to win back some favor among the gaming audience. World War 3‘s beta is set to get underway sometime before September gets here. And a bunch of YouTubers called out Polygon for fabricating fake news regarding the Anita Sarkeesian harassment incident at VidCon in 2017.


Laci Green Gets Harassed By SJWs And Thrown Under The Bus

If you run with wolves, don’t get angry when you get bit when they get angry. That’s something Leftist SJW, Laci Green, learned the hard way when she talked to Conservative Republican Steven Crowder and then later attempted to go on a podcast hosted by Leftist Grace Helbig, only to get harassed by rabid SJWs on social media for not being Leftist enough. Soul Calibur VI will have a full-on single-player mode along with a secondary single-player mode that will be detailed at a later date. LucasFilms is reeling from the anti-SJW push-back from fans and have decided to shelve all spin-off Star Wars movies for now. Dreamworks is working on a new film called Welcome To Marwen set for release this holiday season, and it’s based on a real-life story that’s actually quite fascinating, but they manage to turn it into typical Hollywood, anti-Nazi propaganda.


The Great D&D Gate Commences

You knew it was coming… you knew that #DNDGate was the next big spergling to sprout forth onto the floor of culture like a 16-year-old stumbling onto Xhamster for the very first time and painting the hardwood with primer made of bodily fluids, especially after the whole incident involving the Wizards of the Coast and the Magic: The Gathering pedophiles (which was covered at length by NicheGamer). Anyway, SJWs have been sperging out on Twitter about #DNDGate to paint the community as a bunch of racists, but actual D&D players aren’t having any of it. With politicians and media back to blaming video games for linking real life violence with video game violence, one lone Doc among the academic community has stepped forward to be the Guts to the gaming community’s Casca, fending off the piss-poor accusations with facts and research to backup his position that video games don’t cause people to turn violent.

Paypal Pimp-Slaps Active Shooter Away From Earning Coinage

With another Unite the Right rally set to take place in Washington D.C., the Anime News Network decided to conflate the rally with the Otakon convention taking place at the same time nearly a mile away, which led to a lot of readers feeling it was an alarmist take on the situation that otherwise has nothing to do with Otakon. The propagandists pushing the Leftist agenda of women in gaming will take aim at Brazil’s Independent Games Festival, while EA Sports has pushed forward with the diversity agenda in NHL 19 while stripping the game of a lot of fan-favorite features. And PayPal decided to cut off the ability to purchase Active Shooter because they claim the game “promotes violence”.


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