Weekly Recap June 2nd, 2018: Agony’s Censorship Conundrum, SJWs Attempt To Smear TotalBiscuit
Weekly Recap

The beginning of the week was nothing more than a giant ball pit of embarrassment if you’re aligned with the Social Justice Warrior camp. A bunch of drama-baiting sperglords used their social media accounts to smear, defame, denigrate, castigate and excoriate John “TotalBiscuit” Bain. Things kind of backfired for some of them given that some of the most visible critics of TotalBiscuit after he passed away, happened to be developers at top name AAA outfits, such as Electronic Arts and Blizzard Entertainment.

Gamers were quick to drag those pro-SJW companies through the mud for being disrespectful mouth-breathers.

The last half of the week saw Madmind Studios tripping over themselves trying to deal with not releasing the uncensored patch for Agony. After promising an uncensored patch, they then reneged on it, citing legal issues. However, they finally rounded out the week by saying that they hope they can release an uncensored patch for a DRM-free GOG.com version. So we’ll see where that takes them.

These stories and more in this June 2nd, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

SJWs Attack TotalBiscuit After He Dies From Cancer

Shortly after TotalBiscuit, Blizzard and Electronic Arts employees began defaming the YouTuber. In one particular case, an indie developer targeted TotalBiscuit, even though he was a convicted pedophile.A new version of the Nintendo Switch is coming, but only in Japan and it doesn’t have the dock or any sort of charging cables. For everyone absolutely tired of Disney’s destruction of the Star Wars brand, it looks like some change could be coming given that Solo: A Star Wars Story failed at the box office, and it no longer looks like it’ll be making $1 billion. And Elon Musk is starting up his own #GamerGate-style website where credibility and ratings will be measured based on how ethical the journalists and publications are.


Active Shooter Censored From Steam

Valve decided to ban the developers who made the game Active Shooter, and censor the game from appearing on the Steam store. Valve’s reasoning for the censorship is that the devs were trolls and violated the terms of conditions of the service. After some of BioWare’s employees decided to defame TotalBiscuit following his death, YouTuber NerdCube decided he was no longer going to cover, play, or talk about BioWare’s games. The official line-up of games set to debut at E3 from Focus Home Interactive were announced, including The Surge 2. While Battlefield V has proven to be quite controversial, World War 3 has proven to be quite popular, spawning the hashtag #ThatsMyBattlefield. And the official release date for Mega Man 11 has been set for October 2nd.


Agony’s Uncensored Patch Agonizes Gamers

There is no uncensored patch for Agony, and this has become a pang in the side of gamers who want desperately wanted to see and play the game uncensored. However, there could be an uncensored patch made available if Madmind can get the game on GOG.com. Fans are holding out hope, but it’s best not to hold your breath. Focus Home Interactive has plans on releasing Insurgency: Sandstorm this September for PC, while the console version is set to make its debut in early 2019. The Early Access launch for the new South Korean MMO, Bless Online, has been plagued with lots of setbacks and consumer conundrums. While Neowiz attempts to patch the game, gamers are getting refunds in droves due to the playability issues, as well as the blatant censorship. And a Republic gubernatorial hopeful, Diane Black, hopes to eradicate porn from the shelves of grocery stores and violent movies that she says are desensitizing our youth and turning them into school shooters.


Cyberfrog From Ethan Van Sciver Becomes A Smash Hit Success

While SJWs are screeching and harping across social media to try to prevent Diversity & Comics and Ethan Van Sciver from attaining any sort of success, their efforts faceplant once it comes to crowdfunding independent projects, because comic book fans want good comic books and Cyberfrog has proven to be a pretty big hit so far. The comic from Ethan Van Sciver is scheduled to be a one-shot, but it’s already surpassed its goal and then some within just a matter of hours. Rumors and leaks are running rampant all over the internet for Bethesda’s Fallout 76. The upcoming game is supposed to be everything and nothing all at once, according to some leaks. The only thing we know for sure is that the game will get a full reveal at E3 this year. PUBG Corporation decided to sue Epic Games for copyright infringement… yes, they’re actually suing because they claim Fortnite infringes on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds because they both have Battle Royale modes. And gamers who enjoy anime boobies and butts were hit with even more censorship when the Chinese-made Girls’ Frontline was censored even more in the English version than how it appears in the Chinese version. Yes, the game is more censored in the Western release than the version that’s available in the Communist Republic of China.


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