Weekly Recap June 30th: SJW Journalists Get Fired And Resign, Left-Wing Media Cabal Outed
Weekly Recap

It’s the final day on the final week of June. The month played host to this year’s E3, which was little more than a cringe-fest of sociopolitical propaganda. But specifically for this week, there was a number of advancements in the fight against SJWs. First off, Japanime Games did not give in toward the pressure of Social Justice Warriors, but stood steadfast by their sexy artwork after being attacked by game journalists on Twitter for making sexy characters. In a rare instance, SJWs were told to go pound bricks.

Additionally, two SJW-themed outlets are no longer producing regular content, including Rolling Stone’s Glixel and Kotaku’s Compete. A Left-wing fact-checker for the New Yorker also had to resign for smearing a war veteran, and another SJW journalist was fired from an comic book website for fueling needless drama against Richard C. Meyer and Ethan Van Sciver. And there was a Left-wing cabal of journalists and academics that happened to be outed… again!

On the downside, however, it appears Nintendo decided to get political with the Pride Parade. Sony also banned the release of Omega Labyrinth Z in the West. But overall, there were more wins this week for anti-SJWs than SJWs, which is a good way to round out the June 30th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Japanime Games Tells Triggered SJWs To Softly Sod Off

Japanime Games basically told SJWs to go stack bricks after a number of game journalists and board game writers got triggered over some sexy Egyptian female art that the company posted up ahead of their Kickstarter campaign. Rock, Paper, Shotgun gloated over Kassandra and how in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey she would be the canon character for the game, but then they lamented that Alexios, the male character, appears in some of the marketing material. They also take jabs at making racist remarks at whites. If you’ve been excited about the upcoming World War 3, take note that the game will be playable for the first time at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Card Sagas Wars is currently available for download, along with Lovecraft’s Untold Stories. A fact-checker for the New Yorker and an anti-#GamerGate journalist, Talia Lavin, resigned for falsely accusing a war veteran of being a Nazi.

Nintendo Gets Political At Gay Pride Parade

Even though Reggie Fils-Aime promised that Nintendo wasn’t going to get political, the company got political at this year’s Pride parade in Seattle, Washington, causing frustration and some confounding reactions from longtime Nintendo fans, showing that the company can’t entirely have their word trusted at face value. There’s both good and bad news. Good news is that an SJW writer was recently fired for spawning drama on Twitter. The bad news is that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will soon indulge in the Leftist agenda by introducing LGBTQ heroes to their upcoming movies. In a shocking twist of news, the Sunderland coroner office has actually blamed the visual novel, Doki Doki Literature Club, for a 15-year-old teenager’s suicide. And IGN decided to go full retard, complaining that there aren’t enough women on the cover art for WWE 2K19.

Left-Wing Media Cabal Outed

Another secret organization of puppeteering journalists was outed, this time for one of the most bizarre reasons imaginable: it was over a Jesse Singal article about trans kids. The outing revealed that the group consisted of 400 members, all Left-wing and all part of the journalist or academic community. The Left-wing cabal sent some journalists and readers scrambling to defend them, while others pointed and said “aha! I knew it!”. Sadly, nothing will change but more of the conspiracy theorists have been proven true. Amy Hennig left EA back in January of 2018, and it turns out that her Star Wars game is on hold while she cooks together a small indie team set to work on a VR title of some sort. The PC requirements have been revealed for Shenmue 3, while Compulsion Games sets to get We Happy Few re-rated by the Australian Classification Board following the appeals process. Oh, and Richard La Ruina will release Super Seducer 2 this September, and it will bring about a great triggering from feminists and SJWs alike, no doubt.


Anti-Gay Regions Ban The Sims After EA Tries Pushing Gay Agenda On Kids

A free-to-play app released globally called The Sims FreePlay had to be pulled from seven regions that have strict laws against promoting homosexuality. Electronic Arts has been going in hard on the sociopolitical agitprop and it finally caught up with them, forcing them to have to pull the game from revenue-rich regions such as China and Saudi Arabia. For those of you who hate bad video game journalism, you’ll be pleased to know that Kotaku’s e-sport vertical, Compete, and Rolling Stone’s Glixel, are no more. Compete will be shutting down for good in July, while Glixel will be scaling back and no longer producing daily coverage along with no longer having a main website. The Soviet-themed version of BioShock called Atomic Heart has been delayed into 2019. Valve plans on opening up its own version of Steam Spy, and Microsoft is working with Showtime for a Halo TV series set to enter production in early 2019 and it will run for 10 episodes set to be an hour long each.


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