Wonfourn, VR RPG Brings Back Sexy Female Character Designs And Large Scale Adventures

Mexican game studio EnsenaSoft released their latest RPG adventure called Wonfourn. This is a steep departure from the typical virtual reality games on the market, as you’ll literally play through a fully realized role-plaing, medieval fantasy world. You’ll hunt animals, fight monsters, check out some hot looking chicks, participate in knight tournaments, and travel across the expansive of the six great nations of Wonfourn.

The game’s plot is quite straightforward, as you’re a firstborn chosen one who must prove their worth across a story of survival and attempting to achieve greatness of mythic proportions. It’s one of those games that finally steers clear of some other overwrought, poorly manifested plot in order to inject some sort of sociopolitical message in there. Instead, you’re just a dude (or dudette) trying to become epic.

There are a total of 36 different islands to explore, and you’ll use your boat to do the traveling. You’ll face off against other NPC adventurers, battle sea creatures, help save towns from ogres, and customize your character along the way.

Speaking of customization… the female chicks in Wonfourn are actually designed sexy. It’s quite obvious that the developers aren’t converged by the SJW agenda. So you can wipe your forehead clean of those sweat driplets that were forming as you were reading through this article.

Now enough talk, it’s time to check out some gameplay. You can view the full launch trailer below.

It’s a shame about the PS2 quality graphics, but this is sort of what you end up with when it comes to VR.

However, it’s funny that the female characters have bare midriffs, boob armor, and even pelvic curtains with no visible pants underneath. It’s like a game that comes right out of the pre-2012 era.

I suppose if Wonfourn is actually good then it would be beneficial to see a company like EnsenaSoft grow and expand and eventually make bigger and better games.

Right now there’s a fight – no, there’s a war for the gaming industry taking place, as ideologues are attempting to subvert the entire industry for their own social engineering machinations.

It might sound like some bad anime fan-fiction, but unfortunately that’s because SJWs in real-life seem to live life day in and day out like a bad anime fan-fiction.

Anyway, if you’re interested in Wonfourn, you can learn more about the game by paying a very kind visit to the official Steam store page, where the game is available for $12.99. However, you will need a VR headset to play the game.


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