YouTuber Grace Helbig Apologizes To SJW Harassers For Having Laci Green On Her Podcast
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This is by and large not gaming related, has nothing to do with gaming, and is just more fuel for the culture war drama. But by golly, people love fuel for the culture war.

Anyway, let me just preface all of this nonsense by saying: this is a really stupid story but it’s only a story because SJWs made this stupid story story-worthy.

So anyway, We The Unicorns is reporting that YouTuber Grace Helbig, who commands millions of followers across social media, had sex education content creator, Laci Green, on her podcast. Laci also commands a sizable audience all her own, with 1.4 million YouTube subscribers.

Specifically, Laci was invited on Grace’s show (episode 154) to talk about her upcoming book Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying Your Body.

As noted by We The Unicorns, a bunch of Social Justice Warriors got angry at Helbig because they claim Laci Green is a “TERF”, which stands for: Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

And just for reference, Laci Green is feminist on the Left of the political spectrum. In fact, Laci is considered by most culture war observers to be a Leftist SJW.

Nevertheless, the reason some SJWs have called Laci a “TERF” is because of some comments Laci made on Twitter last year in July of 2017, where she mentioned that trans people forcibly tea-bagging other people without consent was “not OK”. The ridiculous sub-soap opera tier drama was captured in a thread over on Kotaku in Action for those of you who want to read more about it.

Anyway, SJWs harassed Grace Helbig about having Laci Green on her podcast so much that Helbig publicly apologized, posting the following tweet on June 19th, 2018.

The response to the tweet was anything but compassionate or empathic. In fact, many still criticized Helbig for the way she framed her apology for being harassed about having Laci Green on the podcast.

The tweet was a coronation for consternation among the perpetually offended, as they reproached Helbig for daring to talk to someone who they are sociopolitically opposed to.

The rest of the thread unfolds with a mixed bag of some people agreeing with Helbig and others getting into Twitter slap fights over Laci being a Leftist who isn’t Left enough for their tastes.

With thousands of people tweeting about this nonsense it all eventually came full circle back around to Laci Green, who chimed in to offer her four cents on the matter.

Grace Helbig responded to Laci’s statements, making yet another tweet to apologize to Laci after having apologized to the people who had been harassing her about having Laci on the podcast.

In a world where the media is dominated by Social Justice Warrior activists posing as journalists, everyone now feels they have a platform via social media to deride anyone who doesn’t agree with their personal politics.

Laci Green has been receiving a lot of hate from the typical Social Justice Warriors on the Left after she altered her position on some sociopolitical matters within the last couple of years. Laci used to be a hardcore feminist on the Left, receiving plenty of ire and criticism from anti-SJWs on the Right for some of her views and antics. But then she began to attempt a move closer toward the center by entering into discussions with some of her toughest critics, such as Sargon of Akkad and Chris Ray Gun, the latter of whom she began dating (much to the chronic ire of her former SJW compatriots).

Laci, however, received more harassment from SJWs after attempting to find a middle ground with anti-SJWs than she did from anti-SJWs when she was considered to be a far Leftist. The harassment became bad enough for NPR to do a story about the culture war blow-up involving her moving a few dials to the Right of the political spectrum and catching hellfire for it. You can check out NPR’s coverage of the event in the February 2nd, 2018 edition of This American Life.

A similar thing also happened to the late TotalBiscuit and his trans friend Laura Kate Dale, both of whom were harassed after Laura Kate Dale interviewed TotalBiscuit for a piece on Kotaku. The harassment was bumptious and constant enough from SJWs that management at Kotaku had to post an apology to the people who harassed their staff.

I wonder if Kotaku and Polygon will be writing about how “toxic” the Social Justice community is after this sordid display of SJWs attempting to take content creators to the gallows for the mere criminal act of having a conversation with one another?

(Main image courtesy of Laci Green)

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

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