Airheart, Diesel-Punk Adventure Game Launches On PC, PS4 July 24th

Swedish development outlet Blindflug Studios has announced that a new diesel-punk adventure title set in a city in the clouds will arrive on PC and on PS4 later this month starting July 24th. The game features a lot of free-flight with twin-stick controls as players take control of an aircraft and attempt to reach the world’s end in Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings.

The game centers around the character Amelia, who attempts to gather materials so that you can customize a plane and eventually scale up through the vertical world.

So to put it into perspective, it’s a twin-stick shooter, but can move up and down through the vertical planes to reach new areas. You’ll have to unlock new parts and craft better gear to get higher and higher into the sky. You can see how it plays out in the trailer below.

The objective is to keep gathering supplies, crafting new parts, defeating enemies along the way and eventually reach the stratosphere. There are over 40 weapons to collect, a physics-based harpoon gun to utilize, and a number of other components that can help guard or buff your plane against enemy attacks.

Moritz Zumbühl, Blindflug Studios CEO, mentioned in the press release that the world changes based on your decisions, and there’s a wealth of customization options to keep replayability intact…

“With an in-depth customization system, a raft of combat options and a world that changes according to how you treat it, I believe we’ve delivered a deep, beautiful gameplay experience for everyone to enjoy.”

Like most new games announced these days, there’s going to be a number of gamers who will likely second-guess the intentions of Blindflug given that many developers have been making games with the intent of pushing a social engineering agenda. Seeing a female protagonist in the role will likely have gamers wondering if this is another “strong independent female who don’t need no man” trope, typically followed by the revelation that she’s a lesbian.

It’s become a tiring trend as of late as companies are attempting to use gaming as a vehicle for propaganda, something that Facebook wasn’t even shy about with their new initiative.

Of course, the harm and foul comes in the form of games like Airheart being tossed in with the games that are pushing sociopolitical agendas and possibly losing out on mind share as a result.

Anyway, Airheart will be available on July 24th for PC and PS4. The game will also arrive on other home consoles (likely Xbox One and Switch) a few weeks thereafter. For more info you can check out the Airheart official website.


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