Alita Battle Angel’s Second Trailer Outlines The Plot And Showcases More Action
Alita Battle Angel

James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s Alita Battle Angel received a second trailer for the live-action and CGI action-adventure film.

The second trailer rolls out more of the context of the story and how Alita was retrieved from a junkyard, hundreds of years after a massive war took place. We learn that her body was repaired by the scientist played by Christoph Waltz.

The trailer reveals that Alita has a human-like brain with very advanced battle capabilities. We then see that halfway through the trailer Alita encounters a downed ship and retrieves a prototype battle chassis locked away inside. You can check out the second trailer below, courtesy of FilmSelect Trailer.

After retrieving the body, Alita begins to encounter some disturbing looking hybrid cyborg enemies. Some of them look pretty deadly while others look kind of cheesy.

The SJW-style dude with the tattoos, purple hair die and partially missing skin overlays looks like he stepped out of some sort of horror manga. Hopefully they don’t underplay how dangerous the cyborgs are because some of them look really, really deadly.

Alita Battle Angel - Cyborg Hunter

The action looks pretty good and the plot seems to have a steady flow. Other than the big creepy eyes I don’t really have any complaints.

But just as a side note… all of the casting of the characters actually stays consistent with the anime. So far I haven’t seen any diversity hires being placed in roles where they shouldn’t be. It’s just a shame that Robert Rodriguez’s directorial consistency isn’t the most inspiring, and he has a tendency of bungling films (i.e., Machete) just as much as he has the potential to make them magnificent (i.e., Sin City). I’m sure most fans of the anime and manga are hoping that the live-action Alita falls somewhere closer to Sin City rather than Machete.

We’ll see if the combination of James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez works out when Alita Battle Angel hits theaters this December.


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