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Camshaft Software’s Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game came out way back in 2015. It allows you to build up your very own car company from scratch. You design, manufacture and market your cars throughout the world using a powerful set of tools to craft your own engine, crate your own car models, and soon you’ll be able to crash them in real-time.

Yes, Camshaft Software announced that they’ve partnered with BeamNG to allow you to export the custom cars that you make in Automation and import them into the soft-body crash simulator,

The announcement was made in mid-June via a Steam community thread, where the developers announced that starting July 13th the feature will be made available in Automation

“The exporter is simple to use: design your car and engine in Automation, tune them to your liking, hit the export button, start up and your new car is right there in the vehicle list, ready for you to drive.”

They released a video that also explains how the cross-collaboration works between Camshaft and BeamNG. Essentially most of the car data will be transported from Automation into, including the engine setup, the performance, the brakes, the wheels, and the livery. You can see what it will look like exporting your car from Automation and driving it in with the video below.

Additionally, you’ll need to use Automation to do all the performance fine-tuning, including differentials, the horsepower, the engine size, and the top speed.

During the initial July 13th release there will be some light soft-body physics deformation, but it won’t be as in-depth as the native vehicles in nor quite as in-depth as the modded vehicles. I suspect over time this feature may be upgraded to eventually support the kind of soft-body physics that gamers have grown to enjoy from

Additionally, the Automation test track has been meticulously recreated for use in, so you can take the cars for a spin and test drive them to your heart’s content.

The developers at Camshaft are still working hard on Automation, though. They haven’t stopped cultivating and chiseling in the refinement for the campaign mode in their own game, nor have they stopped updating and refining the gameplay and management aspects. They have plans on releasing a new update for Automation soon, which is still currently in Early Access over on the Steam store.

(Thanks for the news Jared)

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