Blade Strangers Releases August 28th For Nintendo Switch, PS4 For $39.99
Blade Strangers Release Date

Studio Saizensen and Nicalis announced that the official release date for Blade Strangers is set for August 28th, 2018 next month for the Nintendo Switch, Steam and the PlayStation 4. The fighting game features a crossover battle between some of the hottest anime babes and video game waifus from across the Pacific.

The game will also release at local arcades in Japan, but Western gamers probably don’t know much about those old boxy machines given that they’re too busy neck-deep in their cell phones and tablets.

Anyway, the fighting game features one-on-one battles between popular characters from various properties, including Solange from Code of Princess EX and the eponymous Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight. The release date was accompanied by a new trailer showcasing some of the characters in action, courtesy of NinEverything.

There are 14 characters in total, including Quote and Curly from Cave Story, and we see him going against a teary-eyed Isaac from The Binding of Isaac. There’s also the busty, pixie-cut sporting Kawase from the quirky platforming fishing game, Umihara Kawase. She sports a nasty series of attacks using the fish-hook on her opponents.

According to Nicalis, the game is designed to be easy enough for beginners to pick up and play, yet challenging enough for to give veterans plenty of time in the lab to master it.

Visually, the game is using 3D models but their animations were framed like traditional 2D hand-animated fighters by converting the 3D animation sets into rasterized sprites, so there’s no start/stop times on the frame buffers and you get instant feedback from the input without the delays oftentimes associated with 3D fighting games. This is also a far cheaper method of designing characters (and games in general) than traditional hand-animated sprites.

Blade Strangers - Solange

You’ll have access to an offline story mode and missions, along with an arcade and versus mode. An online multiplayer competitive mode with ranked leaderboards is also included, along with a tutorial and training modes.

The best part about Blade Strangers is that the Japanese developers recognize that there are some beautiful characters from some beloved games, and they’ve taken to honoring their aesthetics in the game by retaining the fan-service; the busty boobs, the open cleavage, and the bare thighs.

You can look for Blade Strangers to rock it out on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and on Steam for PC starting next month on August 28th for $39.99.


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