Blister Will Have Rappel Breaching And Enemy Intimidation

Blister is an upcoming single-player FPS game that takes place in London. Fighting underground crime and organized terrorist groups, Blister draws similar notes from the older Rainbow Six titles, while offering unique mechanics of its own. In a new update, developer Item 42 released a tweet about rappel breaching and enemy intimidation being features in the game.

In case you have no idea what Item 42 has in store for you in regard to their current project (Blister), you can check out the 2017 WIP combat teaser that quickly covers combat, weapons, and what the Blister squad must do for Queen and country.

Other features include structuring out where teammates will need to go and what they’ll do to counterparts on the field. The game also sports permanent environmental damage through Parallax Occlusion Mapping using a rendered target such as tile floors or concrete walls.

Speaking of environmental damage, Blister will feature destructible walls, tables, and ceilings. You will be able to rappel from places (like holes) according to a new tweet that also spills the beans on progress made on the demo level, and the ability to intimidate enemies.

The tweet within the first tweet reveals that “VIGIL keeps track of your darkest secrets so you don’t have to.” We also learn that in the mountains lie the remote Lake District. The controversial company is said to be a key target for the British rebellion against the “encroaching surveillance state.”

Lastly, we might see a demo later this year given progress made on the demo level seems to be going quite well. Last year we heard from Item 42 that they didn’t want to ship out “a crappy early access game in a perpetual alpha state,” so they wanted work on the demo as much as possible.

If this game looks interesting to you, and you wish to play a tactical single-player FPS title set during a modern time, you can keep up with the development of Blister by heading on over to


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