Character Creator 3 Stand-Alone Tool Set To Release Q3 2018
Character Creator 3

Character Creator 3 (from iClone) is an upcoming stand-alone character generation tool by Reallusion geared toward indie devs, AR/VR titles, pre-viz, and animation production. If you happen to fit in one of those categories, the devs will offer up a free copy of the program via a closed beta for select indie devs/studios ahead of the program’s third-quarter launch.

After version 3.0, Character Creator 3 will turn into a “stand-alone character generator” tool to meet fan demand. Before that happens, though, the devs released a three-step roadmap for you to look over:

The first part or the part that is currently in development is solely focused on new topology that is purely quad mesh and ready for subdivision and mesh edits. This also includes GoZ, auto-skin weighting for clothes, skin weight editing, and partial conforming, which is joined by photorealistic rendering thanks to the Iray plug-in.

The second step (which isn’t done yet) consists of game base characters, LOD and polygon reduction, and game engine profile.

And the third and final step will contain 3D Scan to CC3, character retopology, hybrid character assets, and the release of the tool.

A demonstration video titled “WIP ONE” shows the benefits and user-friendly content in said program.

Before jumping into the video, the UI and steps shown are there for demonstration purposes and do not reflect the final product. In other words, they are there to give users an early look at some of the newest tools and stuff.

As noted above, the closed beta will be for select indie devs and game studios that are currently developing characters. If you’re interested and want a free copy of the new version of Character Creator 3, then you can learn more by heading on over to Reallusion’s updated page on or

Lastly, this tool is scheduled to release officially sometime in Q3 2018.


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