DC’s Titans TV Show Trailer Gets Downvoted For Being Edgy, Emo, And Cringeworthy
DC Titans

DC Universe just dropped the TV-MA trailer for the upcoming Titans show, which is trying to hit a whole lot of different targets, from the diversity agenda to the emo demographic, to the edgelord community. The trailer, however, was not well received at all.

Across multiple large-scale YouTube channels, the fans have made it clear that they do not like the upcoming Titans show based on the trailer. The red-band trailer is themed around Raven trying to cope with her demon powers, she seeks out Dick Grayson, who has become an embittered and violent killing machine, even going so far as to say “fuck Batman!” while killing street thugs.

Beast Boy barely gets any screen time, but he’s been turned into an Asian kid, while Starfire has been turned into a black lady. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of One Media.

The trailer was received about as well as you would expect, with plenty of downvotes.

And even more downvotes….

And even more downvotes…

The comments were mostly in synch with the video ratings, with some people being “meh” about it, a lot of people disliking it, even more making fun of it, and some outright hating the trailer.

Now to be fair, there aren’t many complaints about Raven. Technically, not only does she look most comic-accurate, but props must be due where they’re due – the special effects team really nailed Raven’s powers and look. The liquid black effect and costume for her really matches her emo tone.

DC Titans - Raven

The parts centering around Raven don’t look bad, but the rest of the show looks pretty low quality. Of course, some people are defending the show.

One user in particular, Philip J Fry, properly explained that people are disappointed because it’s not about going from one end of the spectrum to the other. Fans of the comic and original cartoon didn’t like Teen Titans Go because it was too goofy, but they also aren’t fond of this edgy new live-action show because it goes too far to the other end of the spectrum. Fans enjoyed the original cartoon that managed to find a balance between both comedy and serious storytelling.

Some of the commenters have already begun coalescing under the #NotMyTitans hashtag in order to get it trending.

Don’t be surprised if media reports begin to emerge claiming that fans of Teen Titans are “racists”, “misogynistic”, “transphobic”, and “sexist” for not accepting this TV-MA re-imagining of the popular comic book and cartoon.

We’ll see how DC weathers the storm against the fan backlash,  or if they’ll fire back and throw fans under the bus the way Electronic Arts did with Battlefield V by calling potential customers “uneducated”.


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