Dead Or Alive 6 Features Smaller Boobs So The Women Appear More Human, Says Shimbori

Dead or Alive 6 Ryona

Dead or Alive 6 director Yohei Shimbori has confirmed a number of additional features for the upcoming Team Ninja game due out in 2019 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, such as the women having smaller boobs so that they appear more “human”, and that powerful attacks can be executed with the touch of a single button so it will be easier for casuals and non-gamers to play, and that they’ve removed the over-the-top stage interactions.

In an interview with Shimbori published on July 10th, 2018 at Gamespot, writer Jordan Ramee positioned Dead or Alive 6 as a game targeting a fighting game market demographic that doesn’t exist anywhere on the consumer spectrum.

Nevertheless, Yohei Shimbori took a dive right in to squash any hopes that old fans have for the game being an entertaining romp with plenty of cheesecake, saying…

“The boobs are smaller as opposed to before because we wanted the girls to appear more human. We don’t want to reshape them smaller or larger just on a whim,”

Some of the commenters took issue with this because it’s essentially saying that women with large breasts aren’t human.

Back in June, Kotaku also published an article body-shaming large-breasted women, something to which content creator and cosplayer Liana Kerzner took umbrage.

Gamespot’s Jordan Ramee also body shames the women as well and notes that Team Ninja is aiming to remove as much of the the fan-service as possible, writing…

“Kasumi’s facial structure looks a lot older in Dead or Alive 6, and her new body model is a physically fit teen and not the oversexed supermodel child it’s been in the past.”


“[…] [Shimbori] and his team want to make strides towards removing sexual fanservice from Dead or Alive, but they acknowledge that certain mechanics and aspects of the franchise are too ingrained in the series’ DNA to abandon completely.”

The jiggle physics have also been reduced to the point where you basically don’t see them at all. As noted by Ramee, they were reduced to the point of nearly being non-existent…

“The exaggerated jiggle physics are gone, and new mechanics and a more cohesive story are being added to help make the game more accessible.”

In a past interview Shimbori confirmed that the Soft Engine has been removed and replaced with another engine, so the soft-body deformation and advanced jiggle physics that were present in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be available in any capacity in Dead or Alive 6.

The new engine is supposed to give the team access to new and enhanced lighting systems to make the characters more “realistic”.

As noted by Shimbori in previous interviews, they took inspiration from American comics, such as Marvel’s SJW comics, for the suit designs that some of the characters wear, such as Kasumi.

The Gamespot article also continues on to reveal that the fighting has also been dumbed down greatly, so that you perform special parry, counter, and high-damage attacks all with the tap of just one button. Ramee writes…

“Despite her new appearance, Kasumi handles pretty much exactly as I remember. The one exception was her new Fatal Rush and Break moves, which are both new to the franchise. Every fighter has their own, and players can unleash them after performing combos that fill up a special meter. With the click of a single button, fighters can lash out with a powerful strike, and continuing to do so engages a Fatal Rush that temporarily slows down time and dishes out some serious punishment. That same button can be used while in retreat to perform a Break Blow (counter) or Break Hold (parry) to immediately respond to an opponent’s attack, regardless if it’s delivered from high, mid-level, or low.”

So it’s essentially like a more simplified version of the counter-system in the EA Sports UFC games, except you don’t have to time the parry to the attacks, and it’s made even easier in Dead or Alive 6 since you don’t have to account for neutral or low attacks, and it will automatically adjust for you.

The new Fatal Rush is also similar to Tekken 7’s Rage Arts, insofar that you can tap a button and perform a powerful move automatically once the meter is full while also slowing down time. Shimbori says that this was done both to make it easy for casuals and for the spectator element when Dead or Alive 6 is played during e-sports competitions. Shimbori told Gamespot…

“Also, another reason: who doesn’t love eSports? Spectators who watch the game can more easily pick up on DOA6’s action. The new moves create slow motion effects that allow the combatants a moment to check out their competition, the audience to see if either contestant is nervous, and announcers to catch up to the action of the fight. These new moves are as much for the spectators as they are for the players.”

The commenters at the bottom of the article weren’t very pleased at all, as various users pointed out how Shimbori and Gamespot writer Jordan Ramee openly and mockingly body-shamed women with large breasts all while hypocritically talking about Dead or Alive 6 being more “inclusive”.

BDL1980 wrote…

“What a bunch of disingenuous spin. They seem ashamed of the female body.


”But worst they are trying to cater to the E-sports crowd that seems to be scared of breasts. But they are basically saying women should be ashamed of their bodies is my take on their comments.


“[…] The fact they are ashamed of sexy women is actually truly anti feminist”

Others also agreed that Shimbori and Gamespot were exceptionally derogatory about talking about the female body, with HealthReg3n stating that they sexually objectified women by shaming them for having large breasts…

“Could you come across as any more shaming and deragatory?


“It never ceases to amaze me how every single body part is apparently okay to have be big and conventionally perfect except breasts for some reason, and how it’s somehow okay to say deragatory and offensive things against women who are well-endowed….


“[…] This is the kind of mindset and talk that makes me boycott games.


“You can change direction without being offensive and sexist about it.


“And that’s precisely what this kind of crap is.. It’s sexist.


“It’s not okay just because the female characters in question are well-endowed and traditionally sexy, it’s still sexism.


“You’re basically just refering to them as ” fap material ” but wording it differently, would you do that to any other woman? It really worries me that this is considered acceptable by so called ” progressive ” news sites.


“Even just implying that reducing your breast size makes you ” more human ” is incredibly offensive and dehuamnizing….


“What the hell does the size of a womans breast have to do with her humanity, or dignity for that matter?


“That’s actual sexism and sexual objectification, but you’re celebrating it.” [sic]

A lot of gamers have been talking about boycotting Dead or Alive 6. Others have taken to creating petitions, like the one over on requesting Team Ninja to actually make the game for the fans instead for SJWs.

At this point, it’s hard to see what market Dead or Alive 6 will actually attract. A lot of the identity of the game has been removed, and many features have been reworked so that it’s more casual, less challenging, less sexy, and more violent. It’s going to be a tough sell for any gaming market when it launches for home consoles and PC in 2019.

Some gamers have begun contacting Koei directly through their Japanese and English channels in hopes of getting them to reverse the decision before it’s too late. You can reach them at the following addresses:

[email protected] – English contact – Japanese contact

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