Dead Or Alive 6 Petition Begs Team Ninja To Bring Back The Sexy
Dead or Alive 6

Even though petitions don’t seem to really do much these days other than raise awareness for certain issues, gamers are adamant to get Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo’s attention regarding Dead Or Alive 6, which is due out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What’s the issue? Well, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have decided to scale back on the game’s fan-service, and remove the soft-body physics after they decided to stop using the Soft Engine. They also replaced a lot of the sexy features like the Gravure Mode with more visible physical damage such as bruising and blood.

According to the petition on, completely changing the identity of Dead or Alive, which had developed a reputation for its cheesecake fan-service, fans are disappointed in the divergence from the “original style” of the game and want Team Ninja to not abandon the original fans for those in the Social Justice Warrior community. The petition was started by Jaime Soriano, who wrote…

“[…] the game aims to eliminate the style, tradition, essence and original idea with the female characters. The Director of Dead Or Alive, Yohei Shimbori, said that he will change the idea because one of the “fans” of EVO (Evolution Championship Series), felt offended by the sensual content of the female characters, and this caused the change of direction of the saga.


“[…] We simply ask Koei-Tecmo and TeamNinja, both companies that are responsible for making and developing Dead Or Alive, to maintain the original style. Yohei Shimbori, is being manipulated by feminist ideas and wants to “sell” a “politically correct” idea, to avoid being the target of criticism, thus turning her back on the most loyal fans of Dead Or Alive.”

The petition argues that while some of the critics label it a “pornographic” game, it is in fact not pornographic in its nature but rather “sensual”.

The fans are hoping that when 2019 arrives and Dead or Alive 6 launches for home consoles and PC, the identity of Dead or Alive will be retained in some way. As evident during the E3 demonstration, the jiggle physics were non-existent and the characters were definitely more clothed than some of their previous appearances in the recent outings of the series.

If you paid attention to any of the footage from E3 you may have noticed that the butt, thighs, and boobs on the females no longer have soft-body deformation. It’s because Team Ninja removed the Soft Engine, which was the under-the-hood tech that allowed for dynamic jiggle simulations. They wanted more realistic lighting effects so they switched engines, rendering the soft-body effects displaced.

Team Ninja has instead focused on adding more physical bodily damage to the models, both for the males and females, including the aforementioned bruising, cuts, and bleeding. According to producer Yohei Shimbori, they were inspired by the American comics industry to change up the characters, even though the American comics industry is in a financial slump due to SJWism

“The reference we used for the imagery [in Dead or Alive 6] comes from American comic book films. In the old days I loved American comics.


“In the old days the female characters in American comics emphasized and highlighted the sexy lines of their body.


“Nowadays, there’s a change in the works to present [the female characters] with a sharp and cool design.


“In this way, I thought about [Dead or Alive 6] and the character appearances, and how to depict them with variety.”

You can see that Dead or Alive 6 is a significant departure from the more lighthearted fighting featured in Dead or Alive 5, which didn’t hold back on the jiggling or the sexiness. The video from MrNinjaFreak says it all.

As you can see, even when standing still the boob physics were on full display, something that was removed from Dead or Alive 6.

The developers also stated that some fan-service would be retained in the form of jiggling and the sexy outfits, but it would be reduced compared to Dead or Alive 5, because instead of putting the emphasis on the sexy female fighters they wanted the emphasis more-so on “intense fighting entertainment”.

If you feel as if signing the petition might help change Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo’s minds, you can check it out over on

(Thanks for the news tip Helena’s Guardian)


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