Detroit: Become Human Studio Loses Lawsuit For Unfair Dismissal Of Former Employee
Detroit Become Human Chloe

Quantic Dream recently lost a lawsuit in which an employee sued the company for unfair dismissal after they quit over the incident allegedly involving “Nazi” imagery being photoshopped onto the staff and passed around the office, as well as some staff being superimposed onto sexual imagery. is reporting that a French journalist has informed the Twitter-verse that the former employee of Quantic Dream, the makers of Detroit: Become Human, managed to win the case after they initially quit the company after the sexual and Nazi imagery spread around the office.

According to the report, there’s a French law where an employee who quit by terminating their own employment contract can actually petition for reimbursement for unfair dismissal. This is what the employee did.

However, during the court case the employee loses any sort of employment rights or salary. However, in the end, the employee came out the victor.

French journalist from GameKult, Nicolas Turcev, tweeted out that there were actually two former employees who sued Quantic Dream for wrongful dismissal, but only one of them managed to succeed in court. The other is apparently appealing their case again.

This all came to a head ahead of the release of Detroit: Become Human earlier this spring when several French media outlets painted Quantic Dream as a “toxic” work environment, leading to news spreading that the company partook in politically incorrect humor around the office space.

The articles painted the company in such a negative light that Quantic Dream founder, David Cage, decided to sue the French outlets.

In this particular case, though, one of the employees who quit over being offended at the imagery is the only one standing tall as the victor at the moment. According to Turcev, Quantic Dream can appeal the court’s decision.


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