Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer Pits The Super Saiyan Against Frieza, Vegeta, Goku

Dragon Ball Super Broly

Toei Animation released the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer, featuring a minute and a half of some hard hitting action featuring the legendary Broly taking on Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza.

The movie is due to hit theaters in Japan starting in December, 2018, and it will make its theatrical debut in North America in January of 2019. There’s a tweet with the minute and a half trailer tucked away inside, which you can check out below.

The timeline takes place after the events of the Tournament of Power, where Goku and Frieza worked together to knock Jiren off the platform so Android 19 could win and save the other universes.

Goku and Vegeta put in all-star performances against Jiren and grew many times stronger as a result, unlocking the Ultra Instinct ability.

The new film sees Goku and Vegeta taking a journey to another planet where they encounter Broly, a long lost Super Saiyan with unfathomable power.

The trailer reveals that Broly unleashes on Vegeta, Goku, Frieza and everyone else in his path. Even going Super Saiyan Blue wasn’t enough to stop Broly. The trailer rounds out with Broly unleashing a green wave of power that engulfs the planet.

It looks like a pretty cool film and it’s nice that Toei is going the extra mile to have it play in theaters, especially in North America.

There’s already a contingent of Dragon Ball fans asking who would win between canon Broly and Jiren from the Tournament of Power? Obviously, this is the one thing anyone would ask after having seen the last season of Dragon Ball Super, given that Broly was all pure rage and uncompromising strength, where-as Jiren was all about attaining more strength in order to avenge his people after they were slaughtered by a mysteriously strong force.

Some fans have also journeyed down the road of curiosity, wondering if Broly was the one who killed Jiren’s family? That would be a fight for the ages if it were true.

Anyway, you can look for Dragon Ball Super: Broly to hit theaters in Japan this December, and in North America next January.