Dying Light 2 Will Be Powered By A New Engine Called The C-Engine

Techland will be publishing and developing Dying Light 2, which should come in as no surprise. However, Dying Light 2 lead designer, Tymon Smektała, took up an interview at E3 and offered some info that might come in as a surprise. The team upgraded from the Chrome Engine to the C-Engine and there’s an explanation behind that very move.

Firstly, Smektała explains to DigitalFoundry, during the E3 interview, that the reason behind the move from the Chrome Engine to the C-Engine is due to Techland wanting to follow “first-person open world games.” He also explained that the C-Engine is designed to immerse players in “high-fidelity worlds” through “first-person.”

But that’s not all there is to the C-Engine. It seems to play nice with other things like a new “moral system” that sees AIs trying to get the best of players and attempting to “survive” when put in danger. The moral system will have AIs and NPCs trying to buy time to escape when threatened, at gunpoint, or in a near-death situation, opting for unexpected or desperate outcomes.

We also learn that Techland is aiming for 60fps across the board, which includes PC and home consoles (the PS4 and Xbox family of consoles). Smektała also explains that they hired in people from Ubisoft who worked on character animations for games like Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon games.

The interview also plucks out info regarding Dying Light 2 being more narrative focused while delivering better character animations — during dialogue scenes and through other actions, too.

Although the interview took place back during June while E3 was going, DigitalFoundry just released the video as featured below.

As it stands now, it’s unclear how Dying Light 2 will pan out at launch with its new C-Engine in the works and if 60fps stability will be maintained across the Xbox One and PS4. For now we’ll have to wait until more info drops, but you can expect the game to release sometime next year.


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