Gal Gun 2 VR Mode For PC Patched In Via Community Mod
Gal Gun 2 VR Mode

Gamers have been digging around in the files of PQube and Inti Creates’ Gal*Gun 2 like a pantsu otaku digs around in his school crush’s underwear drawer when she’s not at home. And just the same, some startling discoveries have been made from all that snooping.

Steam user Kirara Kurashiki made a post guiding gamers on how to get the VR mode for Gal&Gun 2 to work for the Steam version of the game, enabling the Oculus Rift’s Touch and the HTC Vive’s wands for use with the game.

  1. So first thing is first, you’ll need to download the file. It’s only 3.4kb.
  2. Unzip the contents of the zip into the Gal*Gun 2 game folder where the GalGun2.exe file is located.
  3. Rename the original GalGun2.exe to GalGun2.orig.exe
  4. Rename the GalGun2.Loader.exe to GalGun2.exe.
  5. If you have the latest updated version of the game, be sure to go into properties for the launch options and add: -vr
  6. Adding the -vr to the launch options before starting will re-enable the VR mode that Inti Creates tried to disable.

Run the game and enjoy.

Gal Gun 2 VR

You’ll now be able to experience Gal*Gun 2 the way it was meant to be played, in full-on glorious virtual reality mode so you can see the pantsu of your waifu as if you were actually there, sniffing the cotton as if your olfactories could catch a whiff through the bits and bytes of data.

Now there are a few caveats to using the VR mode for Gal*Gun 2. First of all, there are some graphical glitches such as the intro screen not properly being aligned for the VR headsets. Also you won’t be able to press through the intro screen using the VR controllers, so you’ll still have to press the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard to proceed.

The Oculus Touch controllers aren’t properly calibrated for the weapons in the game, but the PSVR Move controllers and HTC Vive wands work as intended. Also, the subtitles don’t work quite as intended, but thankfully there is a subtitle workaround.

Steam user Link made a VR subtitle workaround thread, explaining how to get the subtitles to work in Gal*Gun 2 when using the VR workaround patch. You’ll need to download the SubtitlesSetup.pdf and follow the instructions on how to get the subtitles to work as intended when using the VR mode.

Hopefully the modders will be able to get things to work as intended with future updates. Also, you may want to turn off automatic updates for the Steam version of Gal*Gun 2, as some players are reporting that Inti Creates is intending to disable the VR mode in the game.

The Steam version is available over on the Steam store for $59.99.


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