Girls VR Lets You Create Hot Women And Pose Them In VR
Girls VR

Girls VR is an upcoming virtual reality software app that lets you create your very own hot looking chick and then pose her in a variety of interactive settings. This is perfect for fans who enjoy gravure modes from games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, but don’t want to buy a PS4 or go through the hassle of importing a game for their home console. And given that Dead or Alive 6 has removed the Gravure mode, it’s safe to say that those of you who enjoyed that kind of visual cheesecake will have look elsewhere to get their fix. Enter Girls VR.

The upcoming VR title from the development studio with the same namesake have announced that the character creation utility plus photo posing tools will be available in Early Access later this year.

Girls VR - Posing

You’ll be able to shape, mold, hew and craft the perfect woman from head to toe using the character creation tool, and then you can pose her… “to the extreme!”.

A trailer was released to give you an idea of what to expect from the application, which you can check out below.

The character creator allows you to modify the hairstyles and hair color, the eyes, skin tone, clothes and jewelry using adjustment sliders for most aspects of the character’s face, height and body proportions.

The character creator can be utilized with the HTC Vive hand wands or the Oculus Touch, making it easy to shape and mold your dream waifu in full 3D.

The developers even confirmed that Girls VR is designed to be user friendly for disabled gamers, enabling anyone to play the game with just one hand.

It’s great to know that they’ve really taken time to consider those with handicaps.

Anyway, the game will allow you to manipulate the girls and scenarios via room-scale interactivity, so you can examine every inch of your beautiful creations, getting up close and as personal as you want.

Girls VR will be in Early Access throughout the remainder of 2018 when it does launch, and the developers are expecting the game to graduate from Early Access in early 2019.

You can wishlist the game or follow it right now by visiting the Steam store page.


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