GOG.com Apologizes To SJWs For Tweet After Being Threatened By Game Journalists
GOG SJWs GamerGate Tweet

GOG.com has issued apologies and have been running around on Reddit and pro-SJW forums like ResetEra to run damage control and grovel at the feet of Social Justice Warriors, all while throwing their own supporters and fans under the bus.

Initially they made a tweet on July 17th, 2018 with a gif image from Postal 2, which showed a tombstone with the date games journalism died. A bunch of games journalists got offended and claimed GOG.com was supporting #GamerGate. This resulted in games journalists threatening to pull support from the digital distribution outlet, with sites like VG 24/7 writing

“GamerGate has destroyed lives, and we’re very disappointed that GOG has furthered the divide between those who cover games and a vocal minority that hate games journalists, women, and minorities.


“It could be that GOG didn’t know the significance of the dates on the headstone, but until we know the company is taking proper action to find out how this happened, we are pulling support.”

Other game journalists also sent threatening e-mails to the company as well unless they disavowed the tweet and any association to pro-ethics groups such as #GamerGate.

This prompted GOG.com to issue a multi-tweet apology on Twitter to the games journalists who were offended by the tweet, even though actual gamers loved the original tweet.

This obviously caught the ire of gamers who felt as if GOG.com was not in the wrong, and that the company should not have apologized to Social Justice Warriors.

Worse yet is that GOG.com decided to buy into the false narrative about #GamerGate perpetuated by the very same games journalists who piss the streets of news information with literal fake news and rewrite history with misinformation in order to damage companies. That’s not to mention that the FBI didn’t find enough evidence to conclude that #GamerGate was a hate movement, and the WAM!, peer reviewed report couldn’t find enough data to support the claim that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign.

Various gamers over on NeoGaf expressed disgust with GOG.com for siding with the anti-gamer SJW groups, while those on Kotaku in Action were disappointed and angered that GOG.com folded under pressure, calling them “cowards”.

The community specialist for GOG.com, Konrad Walkuski, decided that the tweet wasn’t enough damage control, and after many fans and subscribers on the GOG.com sub-reddit basically made it known that they would stop buying from the company for caving in to the pressure from SJWs, Konrad clarified that it had nothing to do with pressure from the corrupt game journalists or the SJW mob, writing in a post published on July 19th, 2018….

“We made a post about Postal 2 with with a GIF of peeing on a tombstone for “Video Game Journalism”. We didn’t realize it was more than just the game’s trademark crudeness, but many people read it as a show of support for a wave of hate and abuse associated with the date on the tombstone.


“So, we removed the tweet and clarified our intentions.


“On a personal note, I think that much of the “Don’t apologize” comes from people who feel that this was indeed our intention but we just caved to pressure. I know there isn’t much debating that, but from an insider’s perspective – it honestly wasn’t.”

While Konrad attempts to make it seem like the removal of the tweet had nothing to do with pressure from SJWs, keep in mind that they only decided to remove the tweet after SJWs started complaining about it… a whole two days after it had been published. If it wasn’t because of pressure, why wait two days to remove it?

Konrad didn’t attempt to go to any pro-gamer forums to discuss the matter, but instead went into the ResetEra forum – known for being censorious topic dictators – in order to cozy up with the agenda-driven forum denizens. In a follow-up to what he wrote on Reddit, Konrad explained in the ResetEra post

“This is kind of a spot-on interpretation of what happened. “The game is so crude so hey, let’s go with this.” Out of the two people who regularly work with our social accounts, neither of us was aware that it’s far more deliberate and loaded imagery than just your run of the mill, bone-cutting, piss-on-journalism edge.


I gotta say, what gets me the hardest is stuff like “Oh, you guys took a stance but got bullied into apologizing”.


“I mean no – I’m sitting right here and it’s not what happened, there was no stance, only a careless tweet. The outcry did make us aware of the implication. Good. Now we know and we’re better for it.” [sic]

The fact that Konrad acknowledges an “implication” is indicative of the fact that they did side with SJWs. Normal people don’t see any “implications” in a gif image of a guy pissing on a tombstone that has the date that games journalism died. What Konrad is acknowledging is that they agree with the SJWs who feel there is an “implication” to tweeting out a harmless gif.

That’s not to mention that the only “implication” put forward was by games journalists who claimed that they would stop supporting GOG.com for making the tweet. I’m not sure if Konrad knows how words work, but choosing to delete the tweet to avoid the “implications” set forward by games journalists threatening to stop supporting them is being pressured into a stance. Otherwise, if there was no pressure to act then there would be no reason to worry about any “implications” derived from having made the tweet.

It’s also quite telling how GOG.com sided with people who actively despise gamers.

Regardless, a lot of gamers have been expressing their disapproval and disappointment in GOG.com for caving in to the blue checkmarks on Twitter and the game journalists who began threatening the company in light of the tweet.

Even many of the GOG.com forum goers don’t support the company’s move to kowtow to the SJWs. This isn’t the first time that GOG.com caved in to the SJWs, though. They previously deleted a tweet featuring Terry Crews joining the PC Master Race after SJWs pressured them to delete the tweet. After deleting the tweet GOG.com then proceeded to grovel and apologize to SJWs.

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