GOG.com Tweets Out Reference To #GamerGate And Game Journalists Lose Their Minds
Postal 2 GamerGate

[Update:] It appears GOG.com has deleted the tweet after being threatened by game journalists.

GOG.com also apologized to the game journalists, and called #GamerGate an “abusive movement”.

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[Original article:] SJWs hate gamers; they hate game culture; they hate fun; and they likely hate themselves. They spend every waking moment trying to make everyone’s life miserable like their own. Quite naturally, when GOG.com made a tweet on July 17th, 2018 promoting the DRM-free version of Postal 2 by sharing an image from the DLC based around #GamerGate, Social Justice Warriors became enraged.

The tweet that is offending so many members of the Intersectional Inquisition can be viewed below.

Postal 2 is an irreverent parody and it even let you kill then-#GamerGate supporter and journalist Milo Yiannopolous, which just goes to show that developers Running With Scissors don’t take anything seriously. The August 28th, 2014 date is when the game journalists attacked gamers with the “Gamers Are Dead” barrage a day after the #GamerGate hashtag was coined, as chronicled on ThisIsVideoGames.com.

Nevertheless, GOG.com even daring to tweet out an image referencing the death of video games journalism due to rampant fake news and incessant corruption, caused all manner of folks from the dark side of the Social Justice community, including Pronoun Proletarians, Feminist Fighters, and Trans Troopers to berate GOG.com.

It’s not just Twitter randoms angry at GOG.com, there are a bunch of game journalists with blue checkmarks in the thread spilling more spaghetti all over social media than a baby with a swollen throat trying to chug down a meatball with noodles.

David Milner from Game Informer jumped right in to complain about harassment and fascists.

Andy Chalk from PC Gamer also jumped into the thread.

Chalk also tries to go on a harassment narrative, all while forfeiting to address the fact that PC Gamer just recently spread fake news about 47 games being banned in Saudi Arabia. He also seems to have forgotten that PC Gamer was informed about the corruption #GamerGate unearthed but actively chose to ignore the corruption.

Paul F Verhoeven from ABC’s Steam Punks also gets in on the digs, telling GOG.com to knock it off. Verhoeven was one of the critics who was part of the coagulation of criticism against Ready Player One that attempted to conflate and blame the backlash against the movie on #GamerGate.

Everyone’s favorite attention wh– …er…. everyone’s favorite pernicious parlay prefect also jumped in to also redirect the focus back on harassment.

Other developers part of the inner clique also slithered out from the rotted and decrepit den of debauchery to espouse their denegation against the possibility of #GamerGate being a movement about ethics in journalism. Some went off the deep end, claiming that GOG.com had become proponents of white supremacy, Nazism and the Alt-Right.

Others like Jason Imms from the Game Hugs podcast tried to squeeze in his disappointment before snaking back into the digital grass.

One particular blue checkmark, Kent Sheely, actually decided to go the extra mile in the realm of hyperbole, calling GOG.com’s actions supporting a “terrorist movement”.

When peppered for proof of his claims, Sheely shirked away from the responsibility of providing any evidence.

The combustible behavior exhibited by the weak-willed and intellectually fragile journalists and SJWs responding to the tweet further shows just how much #GamerGate still lives rent-free in their heads. Worse yet is that GOG.com didn’t even mention the hashtag, just showed an image from a game that referenced the death of video game journalism.

Hopefully this time GOG.com doesn’t cave in and apologize to the SJWs like they did last time they shared an image of Terry Crews proclaiming his allegiance to the PC Master Race.


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