Ground Branch Claims To Hearken Back To 1990’s Tactical Shooters

It looks like gamers who fancy tactical first-person shooters based around military play might find something to do this summer. Indie publisher and developer BlackFoot Studios has Ground Branch set to launch on August 2nd, 2018, for PC via Steam. The game aims to hearken back to 1990’s and 2000’s tactical shooters, which you can be the judge of right here.

I won’t lie, any time I read the words “new tactical shooter” or “throwback to older 1990’s games,” the project already has my interest piqued. Having played many games like the older Rainbow Six installments and harsh Amiga games like Hostages, I’m always looking forward to what these new titles will bring to the 21st-century.

Falling into the role of “tactical first-person shooter,” while aiming to revive the classic 1990’s gunplay, comes BlackFoot Studios’ Ground Branch. Sure, the game looks rough around its edges, but it’s unclear how the final product will pan out. In the meantime, you can be the judge on whether this, Ground Branch, is a game worth supporting or skipping:

“A thinking man’s first-person tactical shooter in the same vein as the old-school titles of the late ’90s and early 2000s, GROUND BRANCH features in-depth character and weapon customization, realistic movement and damage, and high lethality. Take your time. Think ahead. Complete the mission.”

According to the devs behind this game, players will be able to use small unit tactics to complete a mission in a single-player, 10-player co-op or 5v5 setup.

In addition to the above, Ground Branch focuses heavily on squad-based, team-oriented gameplay, whilst boasting minimal HUD with environment elements — like bullet penetration.

There are no pre-defined squad roles — meaning you can equip yourself however you like. Challenging enemies alongside competent AI teammates will be a thing. And lastly, there are no gear unlocks, hit markers, kill confirmations or score pop-ups.

You can learn more about Ground Branch by either visiting its Steam Early Access page or


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