House Party Sells 300,000 Copies In One Year
House Party

SJWs hated it, Right-wing Christians hated, Puritans from every corner of the interwebs hated, but gamers absolutely loved it. I’m talking about the game that rocked Gaben’s shorts harder than any weeb game that came before it, the one and only House Party. In fact, gamers loved the game so much they purchased more than 300,000 copies within the span of just a year, despite the fact that the game had almost no-nothing marketing budget, and was little more than the indie idea from Eek! Games.

Last year the company launched the title during the summer, giving Steam owners a raunchy, virtual party experience unlike any other. House Party dropped for $14.99. A year later and they’ve managed to move 300,000 copies while still in Early Access.

In the press release Bobby from Eek! Games explains how the project was borne out of small beginnings, but quickly ramped up once it entered into Early Access, moving 30,000 copies in the first week. Of course, NCOSE and other SJWs went out of their way to get the game banned from Steam. After a lot of media attention and some back and forth with Valve, Eek! Games managed to get House Party restored, and the rest is history.

According to the press release, there’s still a lot more to be done, with the developer stating…

“The game has made leaps and bounds since it’s Early Access release. We still have a lot to do. In fact the game was in such infancy when it started getting popular that some of the YouTubers playing the game were just poking fun at how awful the game was. They were right, but people also saw potential in what the game could be. Today, it’s running, playing, and looking SO much better, and my awesome team is committed to making it the best it can be!”

Eek! Games thanks the supporters for sticking around and helping the game become a huge success. This milestone has enabled them to hire on the Take One Motion Capture Studios to improve the animations and motions. This is the same team that also worked on CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3, so you won’t just see sex scenes in House Party, you’re going to see high-quality sex scenes in House Party.

They also have plans on working with Mimic Productions to improve the characters, and continue to add more content to House Party as it moves through Early Access towards a full 1.0 release.

Also, before closing out, Eek! Games had a message for the SJW game journalists who attempted to help NCOSE and others get the game removed from Steam, saying…

“The game has also been called misogynistic, and so in turn, I must be misogynistic (despite the game containing gay scenes and both women and men in empowering positions as well as submissive). Some of the people saying these things call themselves “journalists” and “critics”, and it amazes me that they can hold such titles while at the same time being so one-sided, closed minded and oblivious. This game is first and foremost, a comedy. Every scenario in the game is meant to be funny and absurd, and also lead to some type of debauchery. Why shouldn’t we have a game that simulates walking into a group of people you just met and exposing yourself or acting like a complete ass? We make that the player’s choice in House Party, and allow the player to see the consequences that come from being that guy, or by taking the nice guy route. That’s what fiction is about. It’s meant to be offensive sometimes, and portray fantasy scenarios that nobody would ever repeat or mimic in reality. The very last way that this game should be taken, is seriously. Maybe I’m just taking it for granted, because it comes so naturally for me, to separate reality from fiction, that this should be obvious… or maybe I just expect too much.”

In today’s era of hypersensitive, politically correct, puritanically hypocritical society, it just comes with the territory that game journalists are going to say the most ridiculous bullcrap you can imagine. Thankfully, consumers don’t listen to game journalists enough to ignore games like House Party, and by doing the opposite of what game journalists wanted, Eek! Games managed to achieve pretty big success with House Party.

You can pick up a digital copy of the Early Access version of the game right now from the Steam store for $14.99.


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