Hunter Killer Trailer Is Full Of Explosions, Sub Action, And Americans Saving Russia
Hunter Killer (2018)

While the Left-wing media is bent on trying to create tensions between America and Russia with all the fake news being spewed from top to bottom, it’s kind of shocking that Hollywood would get in on the Russia-America alliance with a movie like Hunter Killer. And no this isn’t based on the 1997 PC war sim from Sonalysts and Strategy First called Hunter/Killer, but it is a movie about Gerard Butler leading a tactical crew of naval operators on a submarine into dangerous waters in order to save the Russian President from a coup that could start World War III.

The film co-stars Common – as the typical diversity pick so the filmmakers won’t be accused by critics of being racist – and Gary Oldman, working as the dry-land plot movers to get the ball rolling. Basically Common discovers a discrepancy in a report, and Oldman gets the ball rolling on unearthing the plot that involves displacing the Russian President.

Gerard Butler and his crew are brought in to fix the matter, stop the Russian traitors, and save the Russian President. The trailer is chock full of explosions, faux-tension, and a lot of pro-American military might. Check it out below.

It’s the kind of film that makes you want to pick up an M4, fire into the air while Old Glory waves in the background with the national anthem playing while you scream at the top of your lungs, “’Murica!”, just like Jason Spencer.

There are some mixed responses to the film in the comment section. Some people are calling it propaganda for the U.S. Navy. Others are pointing out how awful the CGI looks during the submarine parts. A few more were just dazzled at the Michael Bay-tier quality of the trailer.

Some people joked about seeing Vin Diesel drift a submarine around the ice given that it’s the same producers from The Fast & The Furious.

Now the film doesn’t look terrible, but it doesn’t look all that great either. I think this is the sort of action flick that seems serviceable, much like London Has Fallen or anything from The Rock.

At the very least, Hunter Killer is depicted with a very masculine overtone and has some good looking action beats. So long as it moves at a solid pace and keeps the tensions high, I think it might be worth a watch over the weekend or so.

You can look for Hunter Killer to drop into theaters on October 26th.


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