I’m Not A Monster’s Free Demo Puts A Sci-Fi Spin On The Mafia/Werewolf Concept
I'm Not A Monster

The Mafia/Werewolf is designed around various players being assigned a role, with one player being the werewolf or a member of the mafia. The object of the game is for the other players to weed out the player who is the werewolf/mafia member before all the other civilians are killed. Developer Cheerdealers and publisher Alawar Premium have announced that they’re taking the Mafia/Werewolf concept and expanding it to the sci-fi monster genre, based on the B-movie pulp from the 1950s, and it’s called I’m Not A Monster.

There’s currently a free demo that you can download right now over on the Steam store.

The game is still heavy in development, but the developers are using the feedback from the demo and those who have played the game to fix some of the bugs, address some of the glitches and attempt to improve the overall gameplay.

The concept of the game itself is based around a number of players being put into a map and one player is randomly assigned the role of a monster. If there are six total players on the map, two players might be assigned the role of the monster. The objective is for the monsters to kill the other humans, and for the humans to kill the monsters. The trick is, the humans don’t know who the monsters are, as they’re disguised as humans.

Mmm… that trailer really hones in on the plot, doesn’t it?

We’ve got a Spock rip-off with a Flash Gordon makeover, an I Dream of Genie with a vibrating flute as a weapon, a porno-knock off of Aquaman, and a main character with more bulge than the battle in Belgium.

Anyway, the trick is that those in the role of civilians must survey the other humans and narrow down the list of shapeshifters as much as possible, preventing the monsters from killing people while also attempting to out them.

To make matters even more challenging, those who play as the monsters have the ability to infect other civilians, thus creating more monsters. Infected civilians have only a few turns to heal themselves before turning into a full fledged monster.

Now, right off the bat I can readily say this game is obviously not a pro-SJW title. Do you see the way the women are dressed? Hot dang.

It’s easy to forget how gorgeous fictional chicks used to be designed before all this political correctness came in and uglied them up just to spite straight men.

Anyway, you can check out the demo for I’m Not A Monster right now over on the Steam store page ahead of the game’s late 2018 launch.


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